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As International Dunnage, we take pride in being a specialized company in cargo securing equipment and providing our customers with safe and effective transportation solutions. Ensuring that goods move safely during transportation is crucial both for protecting our customers’ assets and optimizing logistics costs. Therefore, with our extensive product range, we offer various options for cargo protection during transportation.

Our company continuously conducts research and development activities and closely monitors industry developments to offer our customers cargo protection products manufactured with cutting-edge technologies. We provide cargo protection/load securement solutions such as dunnage airbags, anti-slip surfaces (anti-slip mats and anti-slip sheets), strapping systems, and desiccant bags.

To cater to different customer needs, we are equipped with various sizes and features of cargo protection (load securement) products. Our dunnage desiccant bags are made from special materials to create a healthy transport environment, while our dunnage airbags utilize an inflatable structure to fill the voids inside the vehicle and secure the cargo effectively.

At International Dunnage, we also offer consultancy services with our expert team in cargo protection materials. We are delighted to assist you in determining and implementing the most suitable cargo protection solutions based on the characteristics of your Cargo and transportation conditions.

By choosing International Dunnage and utilizing reliable and high-quality products, you can make your logistics processes more efficient and secure. With our expertise and experience in the industry, we are here to contribute to the safe and smooth delivery of your cargo.

Dunnage Airbags for Cargo Securing Solutions

At International Dunnage, our ID airbags, which are among the most reliable and affordable cargo securing equipment, provide you with the most effective way to protect your cargo during transportation. During the transportation process, cargoes can face various hazards that may lead to damages. ID airbags safeguard your cargo from these risks, ensuring a secure transportation experience.

Dunnage airbags stand out with their superior load balancing capacity and resistance against cargo shifting. Their robust structure can withstand tons of pressure, helping to keep your cargo safely secured. These airbags are specifically designed to offer extra protection during the transportation of delicate and valuable goods.

As Internationl Dunnage, we offer various options to cater to our customers’ needs by providing dunnage airbags in different sizes and levels. Our range includes Bison Level 0 airbags, Level 1 airbags, Level 2 airbags, Level 3-4 airbags, and Level 5 airbags. Each level offers different load-carrying capacities and usage areas. For example, Bison Level 0 is suitable for lightweight materials in truck transportation, while Level 5 airbags are used for large and heavy loads in railways and sea transportation. All levels between 1 and 5 of International Dunnage airbags are verified by AAR (Association of American Railroads).

Additionally, we provide special designs such as square and twin airbags. Square airbags are used to secure products in large gaps that cannot be filled with standard airbags, and Twin airbags are designed to fill wider voids.

At International Dunnage, we also offer customized airbags tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. Our dunnage airbags are made from durable materials and equipped with reusable valve systems, ensuring prolonged usage.

With our customer-oriented approach and dedication to cargo safety, we hold a leading position in the industry. You can rely on our ID airbags to ensure the secure transportation of your cargo and experience a seamless transportation process.

The Importance of Cargo Securing Equipment during Transportation

International Dunnage provides one of the most effective ways to ensure secure transportation: ID airbags. These airbags are engineered to withstand tons of pressure and resist cargo shifting. With over 140 different types and sizes, ID airbags stand out due to their well-designed structure and worldwide service coverage.

International Dunnage also offers various strapping solutions. ID strapping systems are made from co-extruded high-strength polyester threads, providing a safer option compared to steel and PET straps. Different types of strapping, such as composite strapping, hot melt strapping, and woven strapping, are available.

Furthermore, International Dunnage provides desiccant bags to prevent moisture, mold, and bad odors from affecting the cargo and container. ID desiccant, ID desiccant plus, and ID silica gel are among the different types of desiccant bags, each varying in moisture absorption capacity and protection duration.

International Dunnage also develops effective solutions for secure transportation with non-slip rubber mats and anti-slip sheets. The non-slip rubber mat and anti-sleep sheets ensure that the products remain in place even during sudden movements.

Selecting the right cargo securing equipment during transportation is essential to ensure the safe and damage-free delivery of goods. With our vast product range and customizable solutions, International Dunnage offers reliable cargo protection solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

To get detailed information about cargo securing equipment, you can visit the official International Dunnage website.

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