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Section 2(e) of the Cargo Securement Regulations defines load or cargo as: “all articles of material carried by a vehicle, including those used in the operation of the vehicle, but does not include passengers.” Load securement means the load or cargo is safely attached to the vehicle hauling it via securing devices, blocking and/or bracing equipment.

The cargo must be secured efficiently so that the load does not fall forward or backward, shift, spill, leak, blow off or be dislodged from the vehicle, or shift to such a degree that it reduces the vehicle’s stability, or its maneuver ability. According to the European Commission's Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport", up to 25% of accidents involving trucks can be attributable to inadequate cargo securing". Proper load securement equipment and procedures save lives, cargo and time. Failure to secure cargo can have serious repercussions.

Freights can fall forward and backward during the transit due to sudden stops, unexpected movements and bounce due to double and tripled decked loads. Failure to secure cargo can have serious repercussions including:

• Loss of life of the drivers, passengers or pedestrians
• Total or partial loss of load
• Destruction or damage of cargo and/or vehicles
• Possible destruction of highway or railroad
• Citations or fines to the drivers and carriers

If cargo is not sufficiently secured during transit or the proper equipment is not used, inspectors can:

• Fine the driver and/or the carrier
• Suspend the carrier’s license to operate cargo vehicles
• Place the vehicle “Out of Service” until cargo securement equipments/procedures are improved
• Permanently remove the vehicle from service

The securement system is the responsibility of both the carrier and the driver. A carrier must not allow a driver to operate a vehicle if the cargo is not securely protected.

Dunnage bags are load securement materials used for the damage prevention of the products during transportation. They are inflatable bags that provide convenient and cost-effective cargo stabilization in trucks, railcars and oceangoing vessels. They can be inflated with compressed air in seconds. They are positioned in voids (gaps) between the cargo and when inflated, they restrict load movement and avoid vibrations during transportation. Almost every type of cargo can be secured with the use of dunnage bags, including break bulk and palletized cargo, coils, barrels, cases, and crates. Dunnage bags can also be used to reposition the load bulkhead in order to avoid any further load shifts. Dunnage bags go by many names such as dunnage bags, air bags, dunnage air bags, inflatable dunnage bags, disposable dunnage bags, disposable inflatable dunnage D.I.D. bags, pneumatic dunnage and reusable dunnage air bags.

Using dunnage bags is like buying insurance for your products in transit. Damaged goods might lead to significant loss of money and time and translate into unhappy customers. By using dunnage bags, you can avoid product damage, save time and get away from tedious claim procedures. Also, by preferring dunnage bags over other methods of load securement, you can save on labor costs, transportation costs and even on storage costs as they are very easy to store and light-weighted. Using dunnage bags save you money in the long-term and minimize the cost of expensive replacements.
Here are some of the advantages of using dunnage bags:
•   Easy to install
•   Fast load securement
•   Versatile and practical
•   No carpentry, construction ot teardown time
•   No special storage requirements
•   Improved load factor
•   Permits double and triple decking of skids
•   No stair-stepping
•   Reduced line-haul or transportation cost
•   Fills voids, braces loads and absorbs vibrations
•   Allows fragile freight to be loaded anywhere in the container
•   Re-usable, recyclable and echo-friendly
•   Less expensive than other load securement materials
•   High customer satisfaction of product quality and performance

The most important guiding principal of good freight loading is to load tight lengthwise and crosswise in containers/trucks and rail cars to avoid any unnecessary movement and/or vibration. Dunnage bags can fill all spaces both lengthwise and crosswise. Since their elasticity is high, they can fill different sizes and shapes of space. Dunnage bags also provide cushioning. When used lengthwise, dunnage bags cushion against impact shocks from yard handling or truck/train/vessel action. When used to fill crosswise space in boxcars and containers, they help to dampen vibration from the car and container into the freight. Under certain conditions, dunnage bags can also be used to control lengthwise movement of palletized cased goods in intermodal service. (They apply pressure to the palletized freight, pushing it against the sidewalls, and limiting any movement due to increased friction between the trailer sidewalls and the pallets.)

Dunnage bags require no construction or teardown time. They are so easy and fast to inflate and disinflate. They are flexible and adjustable. Also, since they prevent damaged goods and unnecessary claim procedures, they not only save you time, but also increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Dunnage bags are more economical and less labor-intensive compared to other forms of blocking and bracing. Other load securement methods such as wood bracing require labor work and is difficult to install and remove in trailer floors. They are also expensive to store. Dunnage bags are light-weighted, easy to handle and fit into even hard-to reach voids, making them suitable for many cargo loads. Inflation and deflation take only seconds and little labor work is involved as most of the work is done by the inflator itself. Their storage is extremely easy and cost-effective. Dunnage bags protect cargo from in-transit damage better than any other load securement method. They have different sizes and in most cases only a few of them are sufficient to secure even very large cargo loads.

There are several parameters to consider to determine which size would be the best fit for your needs. Different sizes and product levels can be used depending on the type, weight and size of the commodity. Other parameters include the transportation mode, void size and loading practice. Please contact one of our customer representatives so that we can offer use the best combination that would serve you in the most cost-effective way. You can also refer to our Tips and Advices section for further instructions.

ID dunnage bags are composed of an air-tight polyethylene inner liner with a reusable inflasion/deflation valve and a polywoven fabric outer layer. They are made to fill voids up to 12" (30 cm) wide. ID dunnage bags come in 5 different levels: Bison, L1, L2, L3&4 and L5 with a wide range of dimensions. For voids greater than 12"(30 cm) the use of our Square Bags or Twin Bags should be considered.

International Dunnage Bags recommended for Over The Road (OTR) Shipments are Bison, Level 1. (Each of them comes in a variety of sizes)

International Dunnage Bags recommended for Railcars are Level-2, Level 3-4 and Level-5 Bags. (Each of them comes in a variety of sizes)

International Dunnage Bags recommended for Sea Containers are Level-1, Level-2, Level 3-4 and Level-5 Bags. (Each of them comes in a variety of sizes)

For 8"(20 cm) void - 24"(60 cm) wide Dunnage Bags are recommended.
For 10"(25 cm) void - 30"(75 cm) wide Dunnage Bags are recommended.
For 12"(30 cm) void - 36"(90 cm) wide Dunnage Bags are recommended.
For 15"(38 cm) void - 48"(120 cm) wide Dunnage Bags are recommended.
For 20"(50 cm) void - 60"(150 cm) wide Dunnage Bags are recommended.
For 24"(60 cm) void - 72"(180 cm) wide Dunnage Bags are recommended.

For Level 1 min. inflation pressure is 2.5 psi and the max. air pressure is 8 psi,
For Level 2 min. inflation pressure is 5 psi and the max. air pressure is 17 psi,
For Level 3 min. inflation pressure is 8 psi and the max. air pressure is 25 psi,
For Level 4 min. inflation pressure is 10 psi and the max. air pressure is 30 psi,
For Level 5 min. inflation pressure is 10 psi and the max. air pressure is 21 psi.

There are two options are available:
1. Inflator tools are used to inflate bags from truck to rail dunnage.
2. Another solution is our Portable Airtool, which does not require compressed air. This is only able to inflate truck load bags.
Please visit our inflator tools page to compare different types of inflator tools we offer.

There are different options with different types of airbags. Please consult us so that we can offer you the most convenient option that would be complementary with your needs and requirements.

At International Dunnage, we take pride in excellent service. We realize that one of the most important factors in good customer service is speed and we respect the time sensitivity of our customers. If we get a sales order before 10 a.m., we show the utmost effort to ship that order in the same day. In order to minimize the freight times and costs, we try to optimize the use of different production and warehousing facilities. Our sales reps are happy to assist our customers in every step of their orders. They are well-trained in load securement so that they can provide extensive information to make sure that they offer the best choice of equipment to secure your cargo in the most cost effective and efficient way. We always think long term when dealing with our customers. Our integrity and credibility are most important in giving and meeting our promises. We value customization and personalization. We try to understand our customers’ specific needs and requests. Our CRM platform helps us to scale our business by building better customer relationships and experiences. We continuously update our systems to adapt to ever changing technology, platforms, and demands. In International Dunnage, we perceive our customers as our partners for the sustainability of a successful business journey. We offer training programs and customized solutions to make sure that we can ensure the most effective use of our products and services. Our sales reps can provide you free site visits to make sure that you get the best securement out of your products. We can work with your shipping department to train your employees in proper use, installation, deflation and storage of dunnage bags. We can also offer customized solutions for bulk amounts of orders. Whatever your load securement needs are you can always reach us for optimal solutions. You can always refer to our web-site for tips and advices.

For best results, we recommend buffer materials and/or corrugated dunnage on the side of the dunnage bags to avoid any damage against rough surfaces or sharp objects. Such materials can also be used to reduce void when exceeding maximum recommended size. Our customer representatives can offer you the best combination depending on your needs.

Dunnage bags can be inflated with air compressors or inflator tools which we would be happy to supply you with your order.

Dunnage bags provide convenient and cost-effective cargo stabilization in sea containers, railcars, trucks and oceangoing vessels. Since they can burst in high altitude pressure, they should NOT be used in air cargo.

Dunnage bags are easy to deflate and store. They are very light-weighted and they cover only a small place during storage. Make sure to follow instructions on how to deflate the dunnage bags. They can be stored both inside and outside. However, if you choose to store your dunnage bags outside, please make sure that they are well-covered with a tarp or plastic wrapping.

Our products are re-usable. International Dunnage airbags are recommended to be used no more than 3 times if they are stored in good condition after each use. Please note that Association of American Railroad (AAR) prohibits the re-usability of air bags for shipment by rail in the US.

International Dunnage is a preferred brand in the industry due to its high quality and cost effective products. We take great pride in excellent service. Quality is our highest priority and is carried out at every stage of production.
Here are a few strengths of International Dunnage:
• Partners with 35+ years of Experience in Extrusion and Weaving and 25+ years of Experience in Dunnage Bag Manufacturing
• Committed to Most Cost Effective Load Securement Solutions 
• One-Stop Shopping for Complete Line of Dunnage Bags, Void Fillers, Rubber Mats, Straps, Desiccant Bags and Corrugated Dunnage
• Multiple Production Centers and Warehouses
• Integrated Production from Raw Material to Finished Goods
• Fast Delivery, Low Freight Charges and Short Lead Times 
• Applicable to Different Modes of Transportation
• Serving the industry since 2004
• Expanding Global Network
• Over 1.5 million Shipments Served by with over US$15 bn in Estimated Total Value of Cargo Secured
• Stringent and customized Control a d Auditing Systems
• World Class Technology 
• Rigid Quality Testing Systems
• Verified by AAR (Association of American Railroads)
• ISO 9001:2008 Certified 
• Strong Lamination- Puncture and Leakage Resistant
• Fast Inflation and Emptying Times
• Easy & Quick Evacuation
• Genuine and Customized Customer Solutions
• On-site Technical Support
• On-line Training Programs
• 100% Recyclable
• Re-usable 
• Non-toxic and Non-polluting Products
• Socially Responsible through Social Responsible Projects

If you fill out your contact information, one of our customer representatives can get in touch with you shortly or you can mail to Also you can call us US +1 (912) 355 88 84 or EU +90 (216) 593 46 00.

Our US headquarters is based in Savannah, Georgia and European headquarters is based in Istanbul, Turkey. We have multiple warehouses in Georgia and Washington in the US, in Canada, Dominican Republic and Turkey. We also have sales offices in the US, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Turkey and India. We continuously expand our global network to provide superior services to our customers in a more cost-effective way.

Our products are manufactured under the strict ISO 9001 standards, tested stringently and mostly verified by AAR.

Our dunnage bags are 100% recyclable. If you are interested in recycling please contact us so that we can recommend you a recycler in your area.

Yes. International Dunnage is a one-stop-shop where you can find complete selection of load securement products. Our main product coverage includes dunnage bags, inflation tools, desiccant bags, anti-slip rubber mats, composite strapping, collapsible void fillers and void filler panels.

Yes, in fact, all Level 1 through level 5 bags are produced under ISO 9001 standards and verified by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) Strict quality controls are carried out at every stage of production.

ID Desiccant Bag is a specially modified product for the protection of containers over a long period of time during voyage against the adverse effects of humidity. It is produced from a special mixture of polymers and Calcium Chloride, for usage over long periods of time. Calcium Chloride absorbs the water vapor in the air rapidly and continuously, and transfers the liquid to the Polymers. The water is absorbed by the polymers, which swell and keep the water within, protecting your material during transfer.

Continuous acceleration and braking during transportation combined with lateral centrifugal force and/or vibration generates almost as much force as the actual weight of the load. As a result, the load can slip and cause severe damage to the property, or even worse, possible accidents with casualties. The load can break through the front wall of a truck and cause critical injury to the driver. During unloading, load can fall off the vehicle and cause a significant hazard to others. Use of anti-slip rubber mats will eliminate these potential hazards, and provide labor safety, while protecting the company from financial damage. Placing ID Anti-Slip Rubber Mats underneath the loads considerably reduces the cost of loading safety. They are still used as the standard friction-increasing surface material by many transport companies and shipping agents today.

Traditional straps made of textile do not endure the rough environmental and mechanical requirements of transporting heavy loads and pallets. ID Strap Polyester Corded Composite Strapping is manufactured from co-extruded high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in polymer coating. Due to its superior properties, composite strapping is mostly preferred for heavy loads and loads carried under difficult conditions. ID Strap composite strapping is a stiff but flexible product that can be easily used on various packaging applications. It is highly resistant to severe weather conditions (especially hot climates) and unlike PET and Steel strapping, it does not break instantly from a single point during impact.

In early stages, tapes and fabrics are tested for their tensile strengths. All valves are tested before use. Finished bags are leak-tested in different rates according to their levels. Each bag is tagged with a barcode label to ensure the traceability during and after production. International Dunnage is fully registered to GS1 system as well as LPS barcoding system, which can be easily integrated with ERP and MRP softwares.

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