Frequently Asked Questions

What are dunnage bags?

They are load securement materials used for the damage prevention of the products during transportation. Comes in different levels and dimensions. They are used in rail car, container, and truck shipments.

Why use dunnage air bags versus other materials?

Dunnage bags are more economical and less labour intensive to use compared to primitive methods like wood bracing.

How do I determine what size dunnage bag to use?

There are several parameters to decide which size to use i.e. Commodity type, transportation mode, product weight, void size. For further informations, please contact one of our sales representatives.

Do dunnage bags require any type of protection during use?

It is important to place corrugated, honeycomb or similar material on the side of the dunnage bag, protect to rough surface or sharp objects.

What type of equipment is necessary to inflate International Dunnage bags?

Must have sufficient air supply and preferably ID inflator tools.

Can dunnage bags be used as primary load securement for hazardous products?

No, it can only be used as secondary load protection.

Can dunnage bags be used in air cargo?

No, they burst in high altitude pressure.