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At International Dunnage, we take pride in excellent service. We realize that one of the most important factors in good customer service is speed and we respect the time sensitivity of our customers. We research freight times and costs from our multiple warehouses with several carriers in order to give you the quickest and most cost efficient pricing possible.


We always think long term when dealing with our customers. Our integrity and credibility are most important in giving and meeting our promises. We value customization and personalization. We try to understand our customers’ specific needs and requests. Our CRM platform helps us to scale our business by building better customer relationships and experiences. We continuously update our systems to adapt to ever changing technology, platforms, and demands.


In International Dunnage, we perceive our customers as our partners for the sustainability of a successful business journey. We offer training programs and customized solutions to make sure that we can ensure the most effective use of our products and services.


Our sales reps are happy to assist our customers in every step of their business. They are well-trained in load securement so that they can provide extensive information to make sure that they offer the best choice of equipment to secure their cargo in the most cost effective and efficient way.



Our sales reps can provide you free site visits to make sure that you get the best securement out of your products. We can work with your shipping department to train your employees in proper use, installation, deflation and storage of dunnage bags. We can also offer customized solutions for bulk amounts of orders.

You can always refer to our web-site for tips and advices. Our customers have access to even more-detailed support by logging in to our customer portal.

Whatever your load securement needs are, you can always contact us for optimal solutions.

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