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ID Safety Sheets

Introducing ID Safety Sheets

Load protection solution placed at the end of the container or truck to create an additional layer of protection. This prevents the cargo from falling when the doors are opened and protects the operator.

ID Safety Sheets Features and Benefits

A blend of durable Polyproplene material with sewn-on intersecting lashings ensures the protection of the shifted loads and minimizes the possibility of accidents.

ID Safety Sheet is designed with secure lock carabiners and buckles that are adjustable. It consists of four 50 mm lashing belts with a total length of 10 meters. There is no need for additional attachments.

It is easy and fast to apply. It takes less than five minutes.

  • Material: %100 Polypropylene Recyclable and Reusable

  • Dimensions: Width 220 cm x Height 200 cm

  • Weight: 1,8 kg

  • Color: White

  • Strength: Up to 1.300 kgf

  • Packaging: Pallet of 100 piece

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