We chose PP/PE Dunnage Airbags over Kraft Dunnage Airbags for a Reason…


What is a Container Dunnage Bag?
What is a Container Dunnage Bag?


  1. Strength and durability: PP/PE dunnage airbags are made from a stronger and more durable material than Paper/Kraft dunnage airbags. After lamination, the polywoven material is resistant to tears and punctures, which makes it less likely to fail during transit and provides better protection for the cargo.
  2. Moisture resistance: PP/PE dunnage airbags are more resistant to moisture than Paper/Kraft dunnage airbags. This is important because moisture can weaken Kraft paper and cause it to fail, especially in humid or wet conditions.
  3. Reusability: PP/PE dunnage airbags can be reused multiple times, while Paper/Kraft dunnage airbags are typically single-use. This makes PP/PE dunnage airbags a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option.
  4. Customization: PP/PE dunnage airbags can be customized to fit the specific needs of the cargo being transported. They can be made in different sizes and shapes to fit irregular spaces and can be used for voids over 12 inches, which is not possible for Paper/Kraft airbags.
  5. Less Expensive: More PP/PE dunnage airbags can be packed in a box and shipped more efficiently than the Paper/Kraft airbags resulting in lower costs and less greenhouse emissions. An added benefit is reduced storage costs once received into a warehouse.
  6. More Eco-friendly: Manufacturing the raw material used in petroleum-based PP/PE bags is considered less harmful to the environment when compared to pulp paper which uses a lot of water and emits gasses during the manufacturing process. Manufacturing paper products produces 3.5 times more greenhouse gases than producing plastic packaging. Harvesting trees also means that there are fewer trees to absorb greenhouse gases. Polythene is completely recyclable and can be recycled multiple times, more than paper, whose fibres weaken and degrade. Recycling of plastics has evolved so much in recent years that a PP/PE dunnage airbag can be fed directly into the plastics recycling bin. When recycling Paper/Karft Airbags, the Paper outer liner and PE inner liner has to be separated adding to the labor costs as it can also be very time consuming.

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