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Dunnage solutions play a crucial role in the safe transportation and protection of goods. At International Dunnage, we offer a diverse range of dunnage products that have been perfected over the years through our extensive experience and advanced technologies. Our goal is to safeguard and transport your cargo with utmost reliability.

Protecting your cargo from potential damages during transportation is vital in enhancing customer satisfaction and optimizing logistics processes. Therefore, we prioritize designing our cargo protection products with the highest quality and dependability.

Among our standout cargo protection and load securement solutions are airbags, strapping systems, and desiccant bags. ID airbags are engineered to withstand tons of pressure and exhibit superior performance in load balancing, effectively minimizing the risk of shifting and damage during transport.

ID strapping systems are produced from co-extruded high-strength polyester threads, ensuring greater safety and durability compared to steel and PET straps. They effectively secure your cargo while reducing the risk of injuries caused by sharp edges.

Furthermore, our ID desiccant bags are the ideal solution to protect your goods from moisture, mold, and unpleasant odors. Even during extended storage periods and challenging shipping conditions, these desiccant bags ensure the safety of your cargo.

In conclusion, International Dunnage offers top-quality solutions to safely transport and protect your cargo. With our airbags, strapping systems, and desiccant bags, you can minimize risks and ensure the safe arrival of your products. Choose International Dunnage for reliable cargo protection solutions.

International Dunnage Airbags

Dunnage airbags are an essential part of our dunnage solutions, designed to safely transport and protect your cargo during transportation. These prominent products in load securing equipment are used with confidence in various industries and transportation methods.

Our ID airbags consist of a reusable valve-equipped air-impermeable polyethylene inner layer and a polywoven outer layer.

This special design safeguards your cargo against vibrations and load shifting that may occur during transportation. They come in various sizes, filling gaps up to 12” (30 cm), and are available in 5 different levels: Bison, L1, L2, L3-4, and L5. Each level is tailored to meet specific load carrying needs and usage scenarios.

Bison Level 0 Airbags are ideal for the transportation of lightweight materials, offering a more economical alternative to Level 1 Airbags. Level 1 Airbags are our most preferred type of dunnage products, suitable for truck/container – vertical/horizontal use.

Level 2 airbags can be used in all container loading scenarios and are also effective for railway and sea transportation. Level 3-4 Airbags are preferred for carrying heavier loads in railway applications and are suitable for almost all types of products.

Level 5 airbags are designed for the transportation of heavy loads such as large paper rolls or metal coils in railway and sea transportation. With high durability at every level, our airbags help you safely balance your cargo.

All levels between Level 1 to Level 5 of International Dunnage airbags are verified by AAR (Association of American Railroads).

International Dunnage airbags are crafted from top-quality materials and offer long-lasting use. Prioritizing the safety of your cargo, these solutions minimize the risk of damage during transportation, ensuring that your products reach their destination intact and secure. For those seeking an effective and safe solution for load balancing, International Dunnage airbags are an excellent choice.

ID Strapping

ID strapping, an essential part of dunnage solutions, is designed to secure loads in a strong and reliable manner. At International Dunnage, we specialize in load protection products and commit to providing our customers with the highest levels of quality. ID strapping is no exception and is designed for high durability and reliability.

Made from strong materials, ID strapping is ideal for securing loads during transportation and effectively prevents load shifting and damages. ID Strapping offers a safer and more robust alternative compared to steel and PET straps, reducing the risk of injuries caused by sharp edges of steel while securely fastening loads.

Using ID Strapping helps prevent accidents during load transportation and ensures that your loads reach their destination undamaged. These straps are particularly preferred for securely transporting heavy and bulky loads.

ID Strapping ensures load balance during transportation and withstands vibrations. Moreover, utilizing these straps helps you meet safety standards during load transportation and enhances efficiency in the transportation process.

As International Dunnage, we offer various options for ID Strapping that cater to our customers’ specific needs. Our professional team is always ready to provide the most suitable solutions and simplify load transportation processes.

By utilizing ID Strapping, you can securely and firmly fasten your loads, ensuring smooth and safe transportation. International Dunnage is your reliable source for load securing solutions, providing quality and safety in load balancing.

Desiccant Bags

Desiccant bags, an essential component of dunnage solutions, help prevent the negative effects of humidity during the transportation and storage of goods. At International Dunnage, we offer effective and reliable desiccant solutions to protect your products from moisture and mildew.

Our ID Desiccant, ID Desiccant Plus, and ID Silica Gel are different desiccant solutions that can enhance the quality and durability of your products. ID Desiccant can absorb up to 100% of its weight in moisture, while ID Desiccant Plus can absorb up to 300% of its weight, making it highly effective in long-term and challenging transportation conditions.

ID Silica Gel packs perform well in a wide temperature and humidity range, with an absorption capacity exceeding 35% of moisture. These desiccant bags are designed to resist dust and offer high protection.

As a result, International Dunnage’s desiccant bags safeguard your products from external influences and preserve them in a fresh, dry, and healthy environment.

With International Dunnage load protection solutions, you can confidently transport and preserve your products while ensuring their quality. By choosing reliable solutions such as our desiccant bags, you can protect your loads and succeed in your business.

To learn more about dunnage (load securement and Cargo protection) solutions, visit the official website of International Dunnage.

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