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Portable Dunnage Airbag Inflator

Portable dunnage airbag inflator materials are inspected at our in-house test labs and controlled at every stage of the production.

Mini Jetflow Air Tool

Mini JetFlow Air Tool has many advantages compared to other fast fill tools. The weak points of all fast fill tools have been evaluated and improved in this new design. Mini JetFlow Air Tool will make the inflating job safe and easy.
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  • Fits into narrow voids – shorter in length.

  • More robust body – supported pistol design.

  • Longer life time – made with high performance materials.

  • User Friendly – Ergonomic trigger design.

  • Better grip – Anti-slip handle, Trigger lock, Light weight

  • Analogue pressure gauge.

  • Closure flap for use pressures higher than 2 psi.

Monster Air Tool

The fastest inflator tool in the industry which can be used with pencil or digital gauge. Advantages include:

  • Helps save time and increase productivity.

  • Designed to support hand comfortably.

  • Durable, high impact plastic.

  • Digital manometer.

  • Pencil manometer.

Cylinder Air Tool

Cylinder Air Tool has a full aluminium body to be used in very tough conditions. It comes with Pencil gauge option to read the inside pressure of the bag during inflation.

  • Inflator Tip is not included.

Pistol Air Tool

The Pistrol Air Tool is the most economical air tool option. It’s full aluminum body increases durability.

  • Venturi attachment for faster airflow, you can use the attachment up to 4 psi.

  • Inflator Tip is not included.

Cordless Air Blower

Dunnage Bag Cordless Blower is a rechargable, portable inflator tool which comes together with special connection to inflate International Dunnage combo valves. It is simple to assemble the parts and easy to use.
  • Rated input power: 400W

  • Charge time: 3-5 Hours

  • Power: Li-ion, 1*3000mAh

  • Maximum air volume: 2.6 m3 / min

  • Accessories : 1 pc 3000 mah battery & 1 pc charger.

  • CA Blowers are portable and operates with 18 Volt battery.

  • They have a high speed air flow but low pressure below 1 psi.

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