INTERNATIONAL DUNNAGE We are your Load Securement Partner with
25 + years of Experience in Dunnage Bag Manufacturing
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AAR VERIFIED DUNNAGE BAGS Our global load securement solutions, advanced technology, and quality customer service will help you protect your cargo while saving you time and money. Product Portfolio STRONG TRACK RECORD Through integrated production processes, stringent testing procedures, and advanced technology,
we strive to provide the most cost effective and high quality products in our industry
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international dunnage hellmet SUSTANIABILITY SOLUTIONS You can save, reuse and recycle with International Dunnage
to Save Money, Save Time and Ensure Stability
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international dunnage global networks YOUR LOCAL PARTNER ON A GLOBAL SCALE Our Global Network

Working Together for a Safer World!

Your Global Partner in Load Securement Solutions and Dunnage Airbags

When it comes to securing your cargo delivery, our internationally acknowledged, ecofriendly, and AAR verified inflatable dunnage bags as well as our complete line of strapping, desiccant bags and anti-slip rubber mats provide you with the safety and security of your loads in railway, sea and roadway transportation.

Dunnage Bags

Dunnage air bags are the convenient products to stabilize and secure cargo in trucks, rail cars and ships. We manufacture dunnage bags in a wide variety…

ID Inflator Tools

Dunnage Bag Inflator Tool has many advantages compared to other fast fill guns. The weak points of all fast fill guns have been evaluated improved…

Strapping, Desiccant Bags, Rubber Mat

From load securement to cargo lashing, all International Dunnage supplementary products will eliminate the various risks during containerization.

Load Securement Solutions Save You Time and Money. Let Us Help You Find Your Customized Solution.

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Your global partners with 35+ years of Experience in Extrusion and Weaving
and 25+ years of Experience in Dunnage Bag Manufacturing

Working every day to serve you better. Why Choose Us



Customers Served

Customers Served

Cargo Secured

Cargo Secured

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High Quality and Cost-Effective Load Securement Solutions

We continuously seek to create the best and most cost effective load securement solutions with a superior service for our customers and to have a safer world.

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