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Desiccant Bags

Introducing International Dunnage Desiccants

International Dunnage provides reliable and cost-effective dehumidificaition solutions for securing cargo and container from moisture, mold and bad odor . With a specially designed hook system that prevents unhooking during trans­portation, ID Desiccants provides a reliable, dry and healthy shipping environment for your products. It provides a strong sense of trust to your customers by keeping your products dry and by providing a healthy shipping environment.

International Dunnage offers a wide range of desiccant solutions for containers, trucks (short-haul) and in-the-box applications. Desiccant bags comes in three major forms: ID Desiccant, ID Desiccant Plus and ID Silica Gel.

ID Desiccant bags have a moisture absorption capacity up to 100% of its weight. The bags can be produced between 0.5 kg to 2.0 kg absorption capacity based on your needs.

ID Desiccant Plus bags have a moisture absorption capacity up to 300% of its weight due to its special polymer formula. It works effectively by providing long term and delicate moisture protection of your cargo especially during overseas shipments. ID Desiccant Plus’s unique formulation prevents condensation in the container and keeps your product within required moisture levels. ID Desiccant Plus is available in different sizes, 190 gr – 380 gr – 760 gr with side or rear suspension. Thanks to its smaller size, this product provides advantages in transportation, in stocking and in application areas.

ID Desiccant

The desiccant bag captures moisture as well as its weight. It supports you by maintaining the moisture balance in export conditions with the right amount of use. It removes moisture, mold and bad smell after container rains.

  • Dehumidification capacity up to its weight

  • No more container rain and mildew

  • Export without rust

  • Long-term protection

ID Desiccant Plus

A high concentration of moisture occurs as a result of sudden temperature changes that occur when the environment inside the container is not conditioned. Developed with advanced technology, ID Desiccant Plus has a moisture retention capacity of 3 times its weight with its special formulation. With a protection period of 60-80 days, it provides a dry environment even in the most difficult destinations and long-term shipping conditions.

  • Dehumidification capacity up to 3 times its weight

  • Export without rust and mildew

  • Long-term protection

  • A rich assortment of products for different applications

ID Silica Gel

ID Silica Gel packages offer a safe packaging environment thanks to its dehumidification capacity exceeding 35%, its performance in a wide temperature and humidity range, and its dust-resistant nonwoven package. ID Silica Gel packages provide high protection even in conditions of long-term storage and difficult export.

  • Inert structure that does not react with metals

  • Microporous nonwoven packaging

  • ID Silica gel options with color change indicator

  • Wide temperature december working capacity

  • The unrivaled choice of sensitive sectors such as pharmaceuticals and electronics

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