What You Should Know About Airbags

You can keep reading our article for what you should know about airbags and more details. Airbags are light, flexible, plastic inflatable cushions that stabilize the cargo during transportation.

They serve to fill the space between the pallets, crates, or parcels in order to prevent the load from shifting. You can obtain high-quality airbags from

International Dunnage for safe transportation.

What are Airbags?

They are inflatable cushions to stabilize the load during transportation by preventing the loads from damaging each other when a shock occurs.

They are one of the products used to secure loads in land, sea, and air freight. They prevent the carried loads from being shaken, falling, and hitting each other.

Airbags are made from polypropylene with a transparent polymer film lining. They are produced in various sizes and dimensions. Thanks to their diversity, they can be used according to the space between the loads.

How Do Airbags Work?

They are placed among the spaces between the loads, they work by being inflated with suitably pressurized air. These polymeric bags are inflated by compressed air kept in a valve lock mechanism. Thus, these bags can stay at the correct pressure during transport.

When they are inflated at the correct size between the transport containers, they prevent the load from moving in the space between the loads. This way, the loads can be transported without experiencing any jolts.

Why Should You Use Airbags?

Airbags provide the ideal stabilization and support for transporting your load; thanks to their light and waterproof characteristics, they also provide ease of use and practicality. As they are made with strong plastic, they reduce transportation costs. As they are also recyclable, they can be used again for a long time.

Airbag types are manufactured according to the size and features of the products to be transported. Therefore, they are suitable for all transportation types and products.

Also, dunnage bags may fit between containers like boxes and crates. Thanks to their specially designed lithium-ion battery packaging, they do not pose any danger when they are used between dangerous materials.

While protecting the load, they also protect financial and commercial assets as well. They provide cost-effective and safe solutions for successful transportation of products. They prevent any loss, problem, damage during transportation.

Where Can You Find Good Quality Airbags?

Thanks to International Dunnage; you can obtain the most suitable airbags according to the number, size, type of your load. The types of airbags you can obtain from International Dunnage;

Level 0, level 1, level 2, level 3-4, level 5, square cushion, twin cushions, and bladder cushion. You can contact us to get detailed information about these types of airbags. ID also meets your specific airbag needs for your load.

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