How to Use Container Dunnage Bag Tools?

How to Use Container Dunnage Bag Tools?

Container dunnage bag inflator tools are used by pumping air into the dunnage bag to completely fill the space between the loads. The surface of the dunnage bag should be in as much contact with the load as possible and the load should be secured.

The dunnage bag, placed in the space between the loads, is inflated with the tool.

Compressed air that is trapped inside by a valve lock mechanism allows the pillow to inflate. Dunnage bags can be kept at the desired pressure thanks to the inflation apparatus and can be inflated according to the size of the space.

International Dunnage manufactures inflation apparatus suitable for every dunnage bag. The types of container dunnage bag tools, checked at every stage of manufacturing and inspected in test laboratories, can be found below:

Mini JetFlow Air Tool

Manufactured by examining the missing or weak points of other fast-inflating tools. It is quite easy to fill the space with air in this type of tool.

  • Can easily be manoeuvred in narrow spaces with its short size.
  • Can be gripped and used easily. Can be carried conveniently as it is pretty light.
  • Analog pressure gauge available.
  • The flat version is suitable for 0-2 PSI whereas the pressure gauge version is suitable for higher pressures.

Monster Air Tool

It is the fastest-inflating air tool. Can be gripped and used easily.

  • Resistant against hard shocks. Made of plastic.
  • Can be used for a very long time.
  • Digital and pen pressure gauge options are available.

This product is not available in the USA.

Pistol Air Tool

Highly durable as its body is made entirely of aluminum.
Often preferred due to its affordability.

Can be used with the combo inflation system.

Cylinder Air Tool

It is often preferred for use in tough and heavy conditions.
Can be used with a pen pressure gauge to measure the pressure inside.

Highly durable.

This product is not available in the USA.

Cordless Air Blower

It is portable and easy to charge, with a special battery to inflate the combo valves.
Practical and easily-mounted.

Has fast airflow.

Container dunnage bag inflator tool types can be selected according to the type of dunnage bag to be inflated. Often, their practicality of use and resistance are taken into consideration. The long-lasting and practical use of the dunnage bag provides a great advantage when placing loads in transportation.

You can get different types of high-quality, affordable and long-lasting dunnage bags from International Dunnage.

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