4 Questions About Container Airbags

When it comes to load safety, it is best to maximize the safety of both the load and the road. Therefore, various materials are used for load safety. Container airbags are such materials.

Before explaining container airbags, let’s list the other materials that can be used for load safety.

  • Straps
  • Desiccant bags
  • Cargo friction mats

International Dunnage is in the forefront with its high-quality products for cargo safety. You can obtain all these products at high-quality thanks to ID.

Container airbags are an important part of these products to ensure cargo safety.

So, what are container airbags? Let’s examine the 4 frequently asked questions to explain it better.

That Do Container Airbags Do?

As we mentioned before, container airbags are an important product used to ensure cargo and load safety. Depending on the size of the cargo and the load to be transported, they can be manufactured with various sized and features.

Through International Dunnage, you can obtain various airbag types suitable for the load according to the the load characteristics and sizes.
For detailed information about cargo airbag types, you can check out our article titled “Airbag Types Used In Cargo Safety“.

They ensure the transported load is not damaged during transportation. Therefore, the load reaches its destination safely.

What Are The Prices For Container Airbags?

Airbags are manufactured in different types according to the type of transport. These types of transport include;

  • Sea freight
  • Land freight
  • Railroad freight and many others.

You can contact International Dunnage to learn which airbag would suit which transporatation type.

The suitable airbags change according to the transport type; their sizes and dimensions also change according to the load capacity.

Container airbag prices differ according to these variables. For clear and detailed price information you can contact International Dunnage.

How to Use Continer Airbags?

First, you need to check the valve is closed to use container airbags. During the control, the airbag is placed between loads.

An inflator tool is required to inflate the airbag. After pulling back the ring lock on the tip of the inflator tool, it is pushed against the valve and the ring lock is pushed. Finally, air is supplied with appropriate pressure.

Inflation should be done after placing between the loads. Therefore, the optimum inflation will occur.

What are The Properties of Container Airbags?

Container airbags that ensure the cargo is carried safe and sound are also;

  • Waterproof. Not affect by moisture.
  • Easy to carry and practical to use as they are lightweight.
  • Easy to store and distribute.
  • Resistant against external factors such as heat, temperature, and humidity.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • As they fill the space between the loads, they prevent the crates from hitting and damaging each other during turns and sudden breaks.

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