What Kind of Advantages Do Cargo Airbags Offer?

The first precaution that comes to mind in terms of load safety is various types of cargo airbags offer.

Here, we have compiled the importance of dunnage air bags, their relationship with cargo safety, and their advantages.

First, we will explain what load safety is and how it can be achieved.

What is Cargo Safety?

The precautions taken to prevent the load from being damaged during transportation and allow it to be transported safely are called load securing (safety/fixing). Certain tools and materials have been produced to ensure load safety.

These products include:

International Dunnage manufactures these products of high quality, which are used to maximize load safety.

Load safety is vital in the transportation industry, as it ensures that the load is transported safely. In addition to offering protection for the load, it also protects the vehicle and the driver.

The materials that ensure load safety allow cargoes to not get affected by weather and road conditions and sudden breaks.

Now we will take a closer look at the cargo airbags, one of the sine qua non of load safety.

What is Cargo Air Bag?

Load air bags are inflatable bags that are used for fixing cargoes and preventing them from being affected by vibrations.

They have an airtight polyethylene structure. These airbags are inflated with compressed air. Thus, they prevent the loads from slipping and act as a barrier.

They are used through placement in the spaces between load units such as pallets, crates, boxes, coils, and barrels. Cargo air bags can be inflated to different sizes depending on specific shapes and applications.

Cargo Airbags are used in vehicles used in transportation such as:

  • Trailers,
  • Trucks,
  • Freight wagons,
  • They are used in order to ensure the stability of the cargoes so that they do not move during transportation.

Load airbags also serve to close the gaps between the cargoes and the container wall.

How To Inflate Load Air Bags?

Inflation of this product is extremely easy and practical. Specially manufactured airguns are available for inflation. These inflator guns are compatible with compressor and valve.

International Dunnage manufactures airbag inflation tools with high production standards and quality.

What Are the Advantages of Cargo Airbags?

As we have just mentioned, the indispensable product of load safety is the cargo airbag. For this reason, we can tell that the primary advantage it offers is cargo safety and load securing.

In terms of the advantages of cargo airbags, we can give the following information:

  • During load transportation, the loads do not overturn, do not damage each other, and do not shake.
  • In case of sudden braking and adverse road conditions, the cargoes do not get damaged.
  • It ensures the safety of both the transported cargo and the traffic.
  • They are practical to use. They are inflated to fill the appropriate space via the dunnage bag inflator and becomes ready for use.
  • Suitable for both vertical and horizontal spaces.
  • This product ensures that no damage occurs during transportation. Thus, it saves both time and money.
  • It can be used in all kinds of transportation types and vehicles such as trucks, ships, railways, etc.

ID meets your special needs professionally by producing cargo air bags in different shapes and levels according to your needs.

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