How To Customize Dunnage Bag?

International Dunnage manufactures customized dunnage bags for you in various sizes and shapes according to your needs.

Well, how are the dunnage airbags customized in terms of manufacturing? We will take a closer look at this question.

Customized Dunnage Air Bag

During transportation, there may be different loads, routes, and needs. For this reason, in some cases, the types of dunnage air bags already manufactured may not fully meet the needs.

Therefore, International Dunnage manufactures cargo airbags in different sizes and types.

During the manufacturing process of cargo airbags, the following are taken into account:

• The size of the load (width-height)
• Type
• Weight
• Application areas and volume In particular, the gap between the pallets is of utmost importance. Production is performed according to this element.

What Are the Application Areas of Dunnage Airbags?

Dunnage bag types are one of the significant products of load transportation and the transportation industry. In order to ensure the safety and securing of the cargo, they ensure that the loads are not damaged during transportation.

Dunnage bag types are as follows:

• Sea Freight
• Trailer Truck
• Truck
• They can be used in all types of transportation, containers in particular.

Dunnage air bags can be placed vertically or horizontally in the gaps between loads. These airbags can be inflated according to the distance (or width) between cargoes/pallets. They have a flexible structure that can fill and complete every cavity as it inflates.
Inflator tools are available, which are specially produced for inflating Dunnage airbags. These inflators are airguns compatible with the valve and compressor.

These guns ensure that the air bags are used in an extremely practical and easy way.

The airbag should be inflated to fill the gap via the inflator tool. The air bag should be first put in the gap and then it should be inflated to fill the gap according to the specified application pressure.

Advantages of Dunnage Bag

• The Dunnage airrbag ensures the safety of the transported loads.
• Loads can be freed from adverse weather and road conditions during transportation without getting damaged.
• Cargoes do not get damaged and do not damage other cargoes.
• As it ensures that there is no damage, it prevents the arising of extra costs. It also saves time.
• The shaking and overturning of the cargoes in the container may lead to transportation accidents. Airbags offer vital safety by preventing shaking.
• Airbags can be used both to fill the gap between loads and to fill the gap between the load and the wall (except for trains).
• They can be produced according to the size of each cargo and the gap between the cargoes.
• They are functional as they can be easily inflated and used vertically and horizontally.
• In addition, the high-quality airbags last longer.

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