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Dunnage materials are vital products in the transport industry for the safe transportation of loads. As International Dunnage, we offer the highest quality dunnage products to our customers as a company specializing in load protection solutions. Dunnage products are designed to secure, protect, and prevent damage to loads during transport.

As a company, we offer various dunnage products such as airbags of different capacities, bands, and non-slip rubber mats. Bison Level 0 Airbags are an economical choice particularly used for transporting light materials by truck. These airbags are equivalent to 2 ply paper airbags and are ideal for filling vertical or horizontal gaps in trucks. The maximum operating pressure is 2-3 PSI.

Level 2 Airbags can be used in various applications, including all container loadings, container or trailer transport on rail, and ocean transport. Airbags at this level are equivalent to a 4 ply paper airbag and have a transport pressure value of 6 PSI.

Level 3-4 Airbags are preferred for transporting loads ranging from 34,000 kg (75,000 LBS) to 93,000 kg (205,000 LBS) in railway applications. These airbags are used for various products such as paper rolls, plywood, bricks. They are equivalent to an 8 ply paper airbag and have a transport pressure value of 8 PSI.

Level 5 Airbags are suitable for railways and sea transport and are preferred for loads exceeding 93,000 kg (205,000 LBS), such as large paper rolls or metal coils. These airbags do not have a paper cushion equivalent. Their transport method is rail and ocean transport, and their operating pressure value is 10 PSI.

Square bags are designed to secure products in spaces larger than 12 inches (30 cm) in width. The square cushions produced by International Dunnage have an AAR certificate, are made from moisture-resistant material, and have an extremely durable outer surface. Square cushions have a three-dimensional structure and come in several different standard sizes. They are ideal for filling gaps 16-33 inches (40-85 cm) in width. These cushions can be used without the need for any other product to secure the products.

Twin bags are designed to fill large gaps 15-39 inches (40-100 cm) in width. These bags are created by combining two separate airbags and have two inflation valves inflated simultaneously with a V-shaped air gun. It effectively fills large gaps and secures the products.

Bladder bags are used to secure light loads in a cost-effective manner. These bags, made from polyethylene material, take the shape of a pilow when inflated. They serve similar purposes to PP filler material but are an ideal choice for lighter loads and smooth surfaces.

In addition, straps and anti-slip rubber mats form an important part of our load protection solutions. Our ID Straps are made from co-extruded high-strength polyester yarns, which minimize the risk of injury due to sharp edges and potential damage to the load. These straps are a reliable choice for loads of different shapes and sizes and are resistant to the harshest weather conditions.

Our anti-slip rubber mats prevent the load from slipping by increasing the friction force that may occur during transport. These mats ensure work safety and eliminate potential hazards. Our anti-slip rubber mats, available in various features and sizes, protect your business from financial damages.

As International Dunnage, we continually follow technology and innovations to offer our customers the best dunnage products. By focusing on high-quality standards and customer satisfaction, we guarantee safety and protection in your transport operations. You can contact us for your load transport needs and ensure our expert team offers you the most suitable solutions.

Varieties of Dunnage Materials and Their Advantages

At International Dunnage, we offer a wide variety of dunnage materials. Level 1 Airbags are an economical option, equivalent to Bison airbags. They are used to fill vertical or horizontal gaps in trucks. Level 2 Airbags can be used in all container loading, railway, and maritime transport. These airbags are equivalent to 4 ply paper airbags and are suitable for vertical or horizontal use in truck, container, and maritime transportation.

Level 3-4 Airbags are used in rail applications to transport loads ranging from 75,000 LBS (34,000 kg) to 205,000 LBS (93,000 kg). These airbags can be preferred for various products such as paper rolls, plywood, bricks, and are equivalent to 8 ply paper airbags. Level 5 Airbags are suitable for railways and maritime transportation, and are preferred for large loads exceeding 205,000 LBS (93,000 kg). These airbags do not have a paper pillow equivalent.

Square Bags are used to secure products in spaces larger than 12 inches (30 cm) that cannot be filled with standard air bags. International Dunnage Square Bags are AAR certified, made of moisture-resistant material, and their outer surfaces are extremely durable. Twin Bags are designed to fill large gaps 15-39 inches (40-100 cm) wide. Bladder Bags allow lightweight loads to be transported cost-effectively

Additionally, we can manufacture custom airbags to meet your needs. You can contact our sales team for this.

As International Dunnage, we offer reliable and cost-effective strapping solutions for the safe transportation of loads of different shapes and sizes. ID straps are made from co-extruded high strength polyester threads and minimize the risk of injuries from sharp edges. These straps are strong and rigid, yet flexible and lightweight, making them ideal for protecting different shapes of loads and heavy loads during transportation. ID Straps are resistant to the harshest weather conditions and do not break or snap from a single point as a result of impact. Their buckles perform better than the buckles of metal and PET straps.


ID Straps come in three main forms to ensure the highest security for different loading applications: Composite Straps, Hot Melt Straps, and Woven Straps. Composite Bands have a unique flexibility to absorb impacts that could break steel straps and load shifting.

They are also soft, bendable, and rust-proof. ID Composite Straps are lightweight, portable, strong, and durable. Hot Melt Straps are safe, soft, and smooth on delicate surfaces and edges. They can be easily stretched by hand or with simple tensioning tools. They also have high tensile strength. Woven Straps, on the other hand, absorb dynamic carrying movements thanks to their elastic properties, and are environmentally friendly.

At International Dunnage, we also offer galvanized and phosphated buckles. We have different options ranging from 13 mm to 40 mm in width and 2.90 mm to 7 mm in wire thickness. These buckles are safe and durable options used in strapping operations.

We also produce custom airbags and strapping products to provide solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We can produce custom airbags according to your needs. These airbags can be customized according to the features you want, including different sizes, prints, shapes, and weights.

At International Dunnage, we offer dunnage products and strapping solutions suitable for your needs, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

High Quality and Reliability with International Dunnage

Our dunnage materials undergo a meticulous quality control process from the production stage to the shipping process. The materials used in production are carefully selected and ensure the highest level of quality in terms of durability, safety, and performance. We aim to ensure the safe transportation of our customers’ goods by providing high-quality products.

In addition, we also work meticulously on compliance with international standards. Our dunnage products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the leading standards of the industry. Our compliance with these standards provides confidence to our customers and delivers high-performance products.

We closely follow technological innovations and prioritize R&D studies to continuously improve our production processes. In this way, we can offer our customers more advanced and innovative dunnage products. We constantly optimize technical features of our products such as durability, flexibility, and ease of use.

Furthermore, we see customer satisfaction as one of our most important priorities. We offer customization options to understand our customers’ needs and provide them with the most suitable solutions. In addition to our dunnage products, we also support our customers with strapping solutions, airbags, and other securing products.

As International Dunnage, we aim to provide the highest level of security and safety during the transportation processes of their goods by offering our customers high-quality, reliable, and technically advanced dunnage products.

For detailed information about dunnage materials, you can visit the official website of International Dunnage.

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