How to Ensure Safety in Cargo Transport and Storage

Safety in cargo transport and storage is vital both for the driver and for the safe arrival of the cargo. So, shipping companies use products that ensure cargo safety during transportation.

International Dunnage offers high quality products to ensure safety in cargo transport and storage. Such as:

  • Anti-slip rubber mat
  • Desiccant bag
  • Container dunnage bag
  • Strap

These products maximize the safety of both the driver and the cargo during transportation at the minimum cost.

Anti-Slip Rubber Mat

This product protects the cargo against slipping during shocks and sudden brakes. It is placed under the cargoes in the container. Thus, regardless of the size or weight, cargoes are protected against adverse road conditions.

Desiccant Bag

It protects the cargo against mold, humidity, and unpleasant odor. It ensures a sound and dry transportation environment against adverse and humid weather conditions.

Desiccant bags;

  • Provide a healthy transportation environment without mold and rust.
  • Have a long-term protection capacity.
  • Can absorb moisture as much as its weight.

Container Dunnage Bag

This product protects the cargo against shocks. These air-proof polyethylene dunnage bags function as a barrier by protecting cargoes against slipping. They can be used in freight cars, trailers, and containers.

International Dunnage offers container dunnage bags in different capacities (from L-0 to L-5) to ensure safety in all kinds of loads.

They can be used vertically or horizontally and made ready for use with inflators. Inflators are manufactured in different features and sizes for different dunnage bags. They are practical and easy to use.


Drawing attention with their resistance against shocks, straps prevent injuries and damages that would be caused by sharp edges. They are cost-effective. They can return to their original shape after shaking due to their flexible structure.

Composite straps in general;

They are easy and practical to use.

  • They are lightweight and portable.
  • They have a polypropylene coating that complies with high quality standards.
  • They are resistant against adverse weather conditions.

All these cargo safety products are offered by International Dunnage, which provides quality service worldwide.

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