How Much are the Dunnage Bag Inflators?


The price of dunnage bag inflators varies depending on the type, size and features of the bags. You can contact International Dunnage for detailed information about the price of dunnage bag inflators.

What are Dunnage Bags?

Container dunnage bags are among the most effective materials in cargo safety. They prevent the cargo against damages during transportation and provide a balanced journey. ID dunnage bags have high resistance against sliding cargoes and superior load balancing capacity. They provide maximum safety during transportation.

International Dunnage offers dunnage bags in various types depending on the size of the cargo and the distance between cargoes. International Dunnage has products for all types of transportation with more than 140 types of dunnage bags in 30 different sizes and 5 different levels.

What are dunnage bag inflators?

The purpose of inflators is to make the dunnage bags ready for use. Inflators can be manufactured in different features and sizes, and they can adapt to all environments.

International Dunnage offers various types of ID dunnage bag inflators:

Mini JetFlow Inflator

The most important feature of the Mini JetFlow Inflator is its high performance achieved by its capacity to enter narrow spaces easily. It is manufactured with high quality and provides long-lasting use.
It has a pistol-shaped design. It turns the inflation process into an easy, practical, and enjoyable experience.
It has a non-slip handle and is lightweight. So you can carry it everywhere with you.

Monster Inflator

Monster is the fastest inflator, saving time and increasing productivity for its users. It can be used with digital gauges. It stands out for its advanced design. It is easy to use with a convenient grasp.
It is long-lasting and highly resistant against hard shocks.

Cylinder Inflator

This type of inflator is especially preferred in harsh and challenging conditions. It provides high quality with its aluminum body. It can be used with a pen gauge to measure the pressure of the dunnage bag during inflation.

Pistol Inflator

The pistol inflator is especially preferred for its affordability. It has a completely aluminum body structure and it provides high durability.

Wireless Inflator

It is a portable, rechargeable, and battery-powered inflator. It is practical and easy to use. Thus, it turns the inflating process into a short and enjoyable experience. It can be supplied with a special connection to inflate the combo valves.
You can review the technical details of high quality inflator types at International Dunnage.

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