Effects of Cargo Friction Mat on Cargo Securing

One of the precautions to be taken in order to ensure load securing during the transportation is the use of anti-slip rubber mats that keep the cargo stable.

During transportation, the cargo may slip due to sudden braking, cornering, or many other possible situations. This causes severe damage to both the transported material and other cargoes. For this reason, one of the indispensable products that contribute to occupational safety and cargo securing during the transportation is a cargo friction mat.

Features of Cargo Friction Mat

  • During transportation, movements such as braking, acceleration, or deceleration that may endanger the load occur. The slipping of the cargo may lead to accidents and serious damage. Anti-slip rubber mat ensures that these movements do not damage the cargo and the driver, and do not lead to an accident.
  • Cargo friction mat is a significant product that is laid on the floor to prevent the cargo from slipping and eliminates potential hazards and accidents.
  • While the cargo friction mats eliminate the risk of slipping of the cargoes, they also reduce the pre-tensioning force that occurs during lashing, thus fewer lashing tools are needed. This feature saves both time and money.
  • It is the tool with the most ideal protection feature when used with lashing belts.
  • It can be used under all kinds of heavy or light sensitive cargoes. It ensures that all loads are stationary in the vehicle without slipping during transportation.
  • The anti-slip feature and high coefficient of kinetic friction allow it to play an active role in securing the materials loaded on surfaces that may cause slipping.
  • Its high slip resistance prevents the risk of slipping of the loads while keeping the number of lashes to be used at a minimum level. In this way, it saves both cost and time.

Rubber Mats in Terms of Safety

In order to ensure safety in transportation, 50% of the cargoes in truck transportation and 80% of the cargoes to the back and sides should be secured. This rate is higher in maritime and rail transport. The high-quality anti-slip mats allow this rate to be achieved in a clear manner and they facilitate the fulfilment of the necessary conditions. This also ensures that this rate does not deteriorate on the road.

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