3 Points to Consider When Choosing a Dunnage Airbag Inflator

Dunnage air bag is used for preventing the loads and cargo from getting damaged, crushed, or wet. This product is very important in terms of both cargo safety and cargo securing. Inflator blower is used for inflating these air dunnage bags to an adequate size. There are certain factors to take into account when choosing an inflator tool. These factors are given below:

Suitability for Airbag

Dunnage bags are produced in different types according to the size of the load to be transported, the weight of the load, and the type of transportation. The inflator blower suitable for the airbag also differs. Therefore, the air bag to be used must first be determined, and then the inflator tool suitable for the airbag must be determined.

Technical Features

While inflating the freight airbag, the process takes place according to the technical features of the inflator. For this reason, the technical features of the inflator tool should be taken into account. These features include the inflator’s voltage, power, charging time, and air volume.


The use and practicality of the dunnage bag inflator is a significant issue since it facilitates the work. Features such as speed, weight, practicality, and durability of the inflator tool determine its functionality. When determining the most suitable inflator blower for the shipping airbag, it is also necessary to consider how functional it is.

Inflator Features

Different inflator models have different features. International Dunnage manufactures inflator tools suitable for each dunnage air bag. The general features of the dunnage airbag inflator are as follows:

  • Mini airguns easily enter narrow gaps and provide ease of use due to their short length.
  • Their lightweight allows ease of portability.
  • They are resistant to hard impacts.
  • They are long-lasting and cost-efficient. They do not break easily.
  • They provide many advantages because they are produced in line with the developing technology.
  • They are so convenient as they are rechargeable, battery-powered, and portable.
  • They are user-friendly. There are various types of inflator blowers with ergonomic trigger designs.
  • They provide advantages thanks to the airbag inflator tool models that can be used via a digital meter or manometer.
  • It is extremely durable as the inflator tool has an aluminium body. They can be used with various inflation systems.
  • The wireless inflator type allows further ease of portability and it also has a rechargeable battery. It is practical to use and can easily inflate freight airbags.
  • The high-speed air flow allows the air dunnage bag to be inflated in a short time.

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