Dunnage Inflator

Dunnage Inflator

Dunnage bag is a protective product used for preventing damage to loads and products to be transported. The use of dunnage airbags allows safe transportation operations. Various dunnage inflator tools are available for the inflation of the dunnage bag. The dunnage bag inflator blower fills the dunnage bags to be used for transportation with air in the fastest and easiest manner. Different models of dunnage inflators are available for various dunnage bags.

Dunnage Inflator Models

Mini Jetflow Air Gun

It is also known as a rapid-fill gun. This gun has many advantages compared to other fast-fill guns. It allows a safe, fast, and practical inflation process. In addition to its extremely solid body, the Mini Jetflow Air Gun is short and fits easily into tight spaces. It has been modeled in assisted pistol design. The ergonomic trigger design allows ease of use. For this reason, it is a frequently-preferred advanced model. Ease of portability thanks to its lightweight.

Monster Air Gun

It is the fastest among the inflator blowers and offers practicality and ease of use as it can be used via a pen or digital display. This inflator tool saves time thanks to its speed and further increases productivity.  It is extremely durable.

Air Gun Cylinder

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This inflator tool is preferred for use in harsh conditions. Pen gauge option is available for reading the inner pressure of the air bag during the inflation process. For this feature it has, this inflator blower is frequently used.

Pistol Air Gun

This air gun is one of the most preferred inflator tools as it is the most cost-efficient inflator. The aluminum body this inflator blower has offers increased durability and gives the users the option to increase venturi attachment up to 4 PSI for faster airflow.

Electric Air Blower

A rechargeable and portable dunnage airbag inflator tool that comes with a special attachment for inflating ID combo valves. Offers ease of use and practicality. Also, the assembly of the parts of this inflator blower is extremely simple. Its portability is a positive feature in terms of practicality. It is chargeable in 3-4 hours. Hence, time can be saved during use. The maximum air volume is 2.6 m3/min. This inflator tool also has two accessories available, accompanied by 2 x 3000 mah batteries and 1 charger. They have fast airflow.

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