Dunnage is a protective air bag used for protecting cargo items or parts of cargo from getting damages, crushed, or wet. These airbags provide protection and support to the cargoes by being placed under and between the loads to be shipped. The high-quality ID airbag may allow the transportation operations to be performed without damage.

Why Should Dunnage Bags Be Used?

Dunnage air bags minimize the movement of the load during shipping and ensures hat the items are not damaged. At the same time, dunnage bags reposition the load in case of movement and shaking, thus preventing loads from slipping and moving. The dunnage method is the most frequently used and safest method in transportation operations. These air bags ensure a successful shipping process by allowing the products to be delivered to the customers without damage. Dunnage brings the customer satisfaction rate to 100%.

Shipping damages are caused by the loads falling backward or forward and two-three-deck transit bounces. Dunnage bags prevent this from happening and ensure the protection of the shipped materials.

How to Use Dunnage?

There are different sizes and capacities of ID dunnage airbags for different loads. For this reason, the use of dunnage bags also differ. The characteristics that determine the use of Dunnage air bags are:

  • Product weight
  • Load size
  • Gap size between loads
  • Mode of Transportation

ID dunnage bag adjusts its optimal use and determines the correct type and size of the airbag. The size of the airbag and the way it will be used can be determined by measuring the space between the cargoes, the gap between the ground and the top of the load, and the length of the pallets. The dunnage bag must be equal to or heavier than the weight of the product on which the pressure force of the bag is applied. Hence, the airbag provides better performance.

Corrugated cardboard or smooth surfaces should be placed on both sides of the air bags to maintain the integrity of the product. In this way, the protection of the dunnage airbags is achieved and they can be used in a more robust manner.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dunnage Bags?

Using Dunnage primarily ensures undamaged transportation of the load. Dunnage airbags allow faster loading and bring both time and economic savings. Gap fillers take less space in the warehouse. At the same time, thanks to the dunnage airbags, there is no need to buy more expensive fillers to reduce gaps.

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