Dunnage Bag


Dunnage bag is the most useful product to protect goods and cargo from being damaged during transportation and shipment. Dunnage bags are capable of balancing and protecting the cargo. ID Dunnage Bags consist of an airtight polyethylene inner layer and a polywoven outer layer. They also have a reusable valve. Different types of dunnage bags suitable for different cargoes are available.

What are the Dunnage Bag Types?

ID Dunnage Bags are offered to the customers in five different types. These are categorized as Bison, L1, L2, L3-4, and L5.

Bison ID Dunnage Bag

Bison model dunnage bags, also known as Level 0, are generally designed for light cargoes. They are used in truck shipping, designed to be applied in vertical or horizontal gaps.  Bison ID Dunnage Bag is more cost-efficient compared to other bags. With a shape equivalent to a two-ply paper bag, it has a working pressure of up to 2-3 PSI.

Level 1 Dunnage Bag

The most preferred dunnage bag type. It has a shape equivalent to a two-ply paper bag. It is also preferred for roadway shipping and able to be used for loads slightly heavier than the ones the Bison type is used for. Shipping can also be carried out by containers besides trucks. Having a maximum working pressure of 2-3 PSI, these dunnage bags can be applied for vertical and horizontal gaps.  They are extremely safe and high quality.

Level 2 Dunnage Bag

Unlike Bison and Level 1 bags, this dunnage bag is also used in sea freight. Having a shape equivalent to a 4-ply paper bag, these bags are applied in containers or trailers in railroad and all kinds of shipping containers in sea transportation. With a maximum working pressure of 6 PSI, these dunnage bags can be used to create longitudinal clearance in rolling stock for cargoes of up to 34,000 kilograms.

Level 3-4 Dunnage Bags

With a shape equivalent to 8-ply paper bags, Level 3-4 dunnage bags are used in wagons with cargoes weighing between 34,000 kg and 205,000 kg. These dunnage bags can be used for all products, especially plywood, brick, and paper rolls

Level 5 Dunnage Bag

Able to be used in wagons and sea transportation exceeding 93,000 kilograms, this is the type of dunnage bag used for the heaviest cargoes. These dunnage bags are especially preferred for metal coils, bricks, and heave paper rolls.




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