Dunnage Airbag


Dunnage Airbag is a poly bladder surrounded by multiple layers of paper, equipped with an inflation valve. Preventing damage from occurring at the same time, these airbags are used in wagons, tractor sales, sea transportation to minimize front-to-back load change and provide ease of transportation.

What are the Properties of Dunnage Airbag?

Offering ease of transportation, dunnage air bag types also have many different advantageous properties. These properties are listed below:

Repositioning the load: During transportation, the load may slide and shake. Dunnage Airbag repositions the load, preventing it from getting damaged and colliding with other loads during shaking.   Load positioning takes place in less than a second.

Offers cushion support to the load: It offers a second cushioning feature during a collision. The dunnage air bag protects these loads against the possibility of colliding when two loads are side by side, and allows them to be moved as f they are a single load. The back of the load is provided with cushion support until the airbag pressure and the weights equalize. This reduces the collision shock.

Positioning and compressing the cargo: This occurs while the airbag inflates. The airbag is pushed out evenly against the load. As the air pressure increases, the small gaps left between cargoes are eliminated and the friction force is overcome. No matter how well the cargo is placed inside the vehicle, small gaps appear. These gaps are filled via Dunnage airbag, airbag compression, and positioning feature.

Filling the increased gap as the cargo settles: Vibration during transportation causes the cargoes to destabilize. Other support tools cannot keep the loads stable, but the dunnage airbag can fill the gap that increases as the cargo settles, by providing high pressure through its expansion feature.

What are the Dunnage Airbag Types?

Different types of dunnage airbags are available for different loads. Dunnage Airbag types are given below:

  • Vinyl air bags
  • Polywoven air bags
  • Paper air bags

These types of airbags are used depending on the size and weight to be transported and the cargo vehicle. The air bags that each load needs are different and these wide ranges of airbags allow all kinds of shipment and transportation operations to be carried out without any damage.

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