Desiccant Bag

Desiccant Bag

Desiccant Bag ; Cargo and containers may be exposed to moisture during transportation. This may lead to mold and odor formation and cause moisture to damage the products. Therefore, desiccant bags are used for containers and cargoes. International Dunnage (ID) offers cost-efficient and reliable dehumidification solutions to protect cargo and containers from mold, moisture, and odor. ID desiccant bags allow a safe, dry, and healthy shipping process through a specially designed hook system that prevents it from detachment during transportation. Delivery of products in a dry manner brings customers the satisfaction of safe transportation service.

Desiccant Bag Types

International dunnage offers a range of desiccant bags suitable for both short and long-distance shipping. There are three different types of desiccant bags. These are:

  • ID Desiccant
  • ID Desiccant Plus
  • ID Silica Gel

ID Desiccant:

This bag has a moisture absorption capacity of up to a hundred percent of its weight. Each bag may be produced in 0.5 kg to 2.0 kg weight as required by the load to be shipped. Besides its weight, it also absorbs moisture. It maintains humidity conditions during the transportation process and prevents the formation of odors through the right weight selection and use. It offers long-term protection and discharge without rusting.

ID Desiccant Plus:

High moisture appears from time to time during shipping when conditions are not suitable. At this point, ID Desiccant Plus offers a moisture-holding capacity of three times its weight through its special formulation developed with advanced technology. Being able to provide a protection period of 60 to 80 days, ID Desiccant Plus ensures that the shipping process is carried out safely in long-distance shipping conditions. ID Desiccant Plus also has a wide range of products for various applications.

ID Silica Gel:

ID Silica Gel offers high protection even in long-term storage, shipping operations, and challenging export conditions. Having a working capacity in a wide range of moisture and temperature, ID Silica Gel ensures a 100% safe transportation environment through its dehumidification capacity of more than 35% and the dust-resistant nonwoven packaging it has. It is a type of desiccant bag frequently preferred for sensitive products such as medicines and electronic goods.





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