Container Dunnage


Container dunnage bags ensure a safe shipping process in the container, ship, train, and truck cargo transportation and prevent cargo from damages, and thus, a safe transportation process is achieved. Dunnage bags are inflated in the gaps between loads and the pallets and the remaining gaps, in order to prevent damage to the loads.

Application of Container Dunnage Bag

  • First of all, use an aluminum inflator tool with a manometer for the container dunnage.
  • Afterward, mount the inflator blower on the hose connected to the air tank. Provide the dunnage bag with a small amount of air to make it ready for use.
  • Before use, check if the valve is closed, and then, place the dunnage airbag between the loads.
  • Pull the ring lock on the bag inflator tool back and attach it to the valve by pressing, and then, push the ring lock back.
  • Afterward, supply it with air at the appropriate pressure.
  • After use, turn the valve and open it back to deflate the bag.

Properties of Container Dunnage Bag

  • Container dunnage ensures safe and cost-efficient shipping.
  • The bag is waterproof, not affected by humidity and water.
  • Its lightweight offers ease and portability, ensuring an easy process of storage, distribution, and use.
  • Prevents the loads from colliding with each other, sliding, and being damaged in sharp turns and bends through filling the gaps during transportation.
  • These dunnage bags are resistant to external factors such as humidity, heat, and temperature.
  • Prevent the relevant movement in intermodal transportation by filling the lateral spaces.
  • Safe transportation of all kinds of loads is ensured through various container dunnage bags depending on the weight and type of the load.
  • Fast and practical application.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • Resistant to moisture.

Is Container Dunnage Bag Reusable?

The container dunnage is reusable. Before re-use, whether there are any tears or damage in the container dunnage bags must be checked. The valve system is suitable for this process.

Is Container Dunnage Bag Durable?

There are various types of container dunnage bags suitable for the weight and size of the load and the vehicle of transportation. For this reason, which dunnage bag is the most suitable must be determined. The correct container dunnage bag offers a hundred percent durability. In general, there 5 levels of dunnage bags. Level 1 dunnage bags are used for small loads and level 5 dunnage bags are used for the heaviest loads.


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