What Materials Are Used for Load Securement?

Kargo Güvenliği İçin Kullanılan Malzemeler Nelerdir? başlıklı blog kapak görseli

Load Securement is the measures taken to ensure that the cargo in transportation is safe and sound. Various materials are used to ensure this safety.

When the cargo is safe;

  • Cargoes in any size or weight can be transported without any damage.
  • The cargo is not affected by adverse weather conditions.
  • Cargoes will not tip over in case of any shock or sudden braking.
  • Cargoes that stand side-by-side do not damage each other in case of a shock.
  • Cargoes are not affected by humid or extremely hot weather.
  • The safety of the driver is also ensured along with the cargo.

Materials That Provide Cargo Safety

International Dunnage manufactures products that ensure cargo and load safety, and offers its parts in line with international quality standards. These products include:

  • Dunnage bags
  • Strapping
  • Desicant bags
  • Cargo friction mats

Dunnage bags

One of the most effective products to prevent damage against the cargo during transportation. It protects the cargo against slipping and shaking during transportation. It can be used horizontally or vertically through filling the gaps between cargoes.

ID dunnage bags are made of airproof polyethylene, film and polywoven with a reusable valve. They are manufactured for different purposes according to the need and the size and weight of the cargoes.


Straps are preferred to ensure the safety of cargoes of different sizes and shapes. They can be easily used especially in packaging applications. They are suitable for different loading applications.

International Dunnage provides straps in three main forms. These are composite straps , hot casting straps and textile straps.

Desiccant bags

The cargo may be exposed to moisture, mold and corrosion due to adverse weather conditions or different reasons during transportation. Desicant bags protect the cargo and container against mold, unpleasant odor and moisture. Thus, they provide a sound and favorable transportation environment.

Anti-slip Rubber Mats

These mats are placed under the cargoes to be transported and prevent them from slipping in any jolt. In situations such as frequent acceleration or braking, friction mats protect the cargo against danger and prevent possible damage.

In addition to all these materials, International Dunnage also manufactures custom-made dunnage bags that will give a maximum level of safety to your cargoes. With custom dunnage bags in the requested shape and weight, we ensure the safety of both the cargo and the people in transportation.

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