The Importance of Dunnage Bags in Load Securement

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Dunnage bags are greatly important in load securement. With load securement, your cargo can be transported securely and soundly in any weather and road condition. One of the most important products developed to achieve this is dunnage bags.

What are Dunnage Bags?

Dunnage bags are the most effective products to prevent damage against the cargo during transportation, protecting the cargo against slips. It has a structure which fills the gaps between the cargoes and prevents them from damaging each other during a shock.

It has an airproof polyethylene inner film with a reusable valve. And the outer layer is polywoven. It is made ready for use by placing in the spaces between the cargoes and inflated to fill those spaces. We also manufacture dunnage bag inflators to inflate the dunnage bags. These also have different uses for different needs.

International Dunnage has become a leading company in load securement with quality inflator tools and dunnage bags it provides.

Properties of Container Dunnage Bags

The properties of dunnage bags that maximize cargo safety are as follows:

  • Resistant to humidity, temperature, heat and adverse weather conditions.
  • Waterproof.
  • Ensures economical, safe and sound transportation.
  • Has an easy and fast application. Also offers ease of use.
  • Manufactured in different sizes and shapes depending on the type of the cargo.
  • Light, easily portable and used.
  • Provides the ideal stabilization for your cargoes.

Why Is Load Securement Important?

Load securement not only protects the load but it also directly has a positive impact on all aspects of transportation related to the load.
It is a must to ensure the safety of the cargo and all matters related to transportation. There are legal regulations on the issue. Failure to comply with these regulations may cause problems in the future.

Physical force, braking on roads and railways, cornering movements, forces in various directions in maritime transport directly affect the cargo. So in order to avoid the negative impacts of such occurrings, the cargo and the load are secured.

Many factors such as physical forces, weight of the load, type of transportation are taken into consideration in securing the load. And the most appropriate safety measures are taken and proper materials for such measures are used depending on these factors.

International Dunnage manufactures materials that provide cargo safety in line with international quality standards.

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