What is a Container Dunnage Bag?

What is a Container Dunnage Bag?

What is a container dunnage bag? What are different types of dunnage bags? You can find answers to such questions throughout the rest of our article.

Container dunnage bags are one of the most effective ways to make cargo transportation safer. Dunnage bags are used in transportation vehicles such as containers and cargoes to secure the cargo and protect it against damage when a shock occurs.

They are far more effective and affordable than wood blocks and other supporters to secure the cargo.

You can get high quality dunnage bags from International Dunnage to protect your cargo against damage during transportation.

ID dunnage bags;

  • For light levels; can be reused when maintained properly.
  • High load-levelling capacity.
  • Highly resistant against load slip.
  • Can support tons of pressure.

With ID, you can have the most suitable dunnage bag for the weight and size of your load and keep your cargoes safe.

How to Choose the Right Size of Container Dunnage Bags?

With dunnage bags, the pressure applied by the bag to the load and the product weight must be equal or greater than that of the product. For this reason, the bag should contact the product’s surface as much as possible. While choosing a dunnage bag, you should consider;

  • size and weight of the load,
  • type of the load (brick, paper roll etc.),
  • and the type of transportation.

It will be easier to choose the right dunnage bag when you have an idea about their sizes and features. Types and features of International Dunnage bags:

Bison Level 0

Dunnage bags with a maximum working pressure of 2-3 PSI.
Used in truck cargo transportation for light materials.

Level 1

The most widely used type of dunnage bags verified by AAR.
Can be used in cargo truck and container transportation.
Equivalent to two-ply paper airbags in terms of capacity.

Level 2

Can be used in cargo truck, container and marine transportation.
Can be used for containers and trailers in railroad transportation.
Equivalent to four-ply paper airbags in terms of capacity.

Levels 3 – 4

Can be used for almost any load, from paper rolls to bricks; can carry loads up to 93,000 KG capacity.
Used especially in railroad transportation.
Equivalent to eight-ply paper airbags in terms of capacity.

Level 5

Can be used in railroad and maritime transportation.
Especially used for loads exceeding the 93,000 KG capacity such as large paper rolls and metal coils.

Square Dunnage Bags

Used for open areas that standard dunnage bags fail to fill.
Designed to secure products; not used for load safety.
Can secure products without needing any other product for assistance.
AAR-certified and humidity-resistant.
Three dimensional bags; can fill open areas between 40 to 85 cm.

Twin Bags

Designed with the combination of two different dunnage bags; can fill open areas between 60 to 100 cm.

Bladder Bags

One of the bag types used for light loads.
Does not contain PP fabric on the outer surface; consists only of an inflated inner bag.

Once inflated, it turns into a bag and is ideal for delicate and smooth surfaces.

If you need a special dunnage bag for your load, let International Dunnage customize your dunnage bag in different shapes, sizes and weights.

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