Kargo Güvenliğinde Kullanılan Hava Yastığı Çeşitleri

In the process of cargo transportation, certain materials are used for ensuring both load and road safety. One of these materials is the air bag. Types of airbags manufactured for use in cargo safety are available with different features according to needs.

International Dunnage ensures the maximum level of cargo safety through various airbags suitable for all kinds of transportation.

ID Dunnage Air Bag Types

ID airbags are practical with their reusable feature and have a structure consisting of an airtight polyethylene inner layer and a polywoven outer layer They vary according to the weight of the cargo and the size of the shipment.

Bison Level 0

These dunnage bags are preferred for use in the transportation of the lightest materials. They are generally used in tucks. These airbags are cost effective. Bison Level dunnage airbags have a maximum working pressure of 2-3 PSI.

Level 1 Air Bags

These are the most preferred airbags. They are used in truck or container transportation. Level 1 dunnage airbags have a pressure value of 2-3 PSI. They are equivalent to two-ply paper airbags in terms of capacity.

Level 2 Air Bags

These airbags are generally preferred in sea freight and trailers along with rail transportation. They are suitable for all container loads. Level 2 dunnage air bags have a pressure value of 6 PSI.

Level 3-4 Air Bags

These dunnage bags are especially used in railway transportation for loads weighing between 34 tons and 93 tons. Suitable for loads such as plywood, bricks, and paper rolls. Level 3-4 air bags have a usage pressure of 8 PSI.

Level 5 Air Bags

These dunnage airbags are used for heavy loads weighing over 93 tonnes, such as large paper rolls and metal coils. They are suitable for railway transportation and sea freight. Level 5 dunnage air bags have a usage pressure of 10 PSI.

Square Dunnage Air Bags

These airbags are used for securing the loads with gaps when there are gaps that cannot be filled with standard airbags. They have a practical feature of being able to be used without the need for any other product. This type of dunnage bags can be used in different sizes and are three-dimensional. Square dunnage airbags are especially ideal for filling 40 and 85 cm wide gaps.

Twin Airbags

These airbags are a combination of two separate airbags and they are simultaneously inflated via a V gun. Just like square airbags, twin dunnage air bags are ideal for filling gaps and securing the cargo. They have the capacity to fill 40 and 100 cm wide gaps.

Bladder Airbags

These air bags are ideal for securing loads in light shipping operations. Once inflated, they take the shape of PP airbags. Bladder air bags are especially preferred for sensitive loads and smooth surfaces.

International Dunnage offers safe transportation and cargo security through its product range of high-quality airbags.

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