4 Dunnage Air Bag Suggestions for Sea Freight Companies

As it is critical for all types of transport, ensuring load safety is extremely important for sea freight as well. Therefore, various airbags are manufactured for use in sea freight and for ensuring the safety of the cargo.

In this article, we have compiled the 4 best air bags that can be used in sea freight.

Level 1 Air Bags

This type of dunnage airbag is one of the most preferred products. These air bags keep the load safety at the maximum level. Besides being suitable for sea freight, they may also be used for truck and container transportation.

They are equivalent to 2-ply paper airbags in terms of capacity. These airbags are also suitable for vertical and horizontal use. Level 1 dunnage air bags have a usage pressure value of 2-3 PSI.

Level 2 Air Bags

These airbags are one of the most preferred airbags in sea freight. They are for railway, container, and trailer transportation.

They have the same capacity as a 4-ply paper airbag. Level 2 dunnage airbags can be applied both vertically and horizontally. These air bags have a usage pressure of 6 PSI.

Level 3-4 Air Bags

These airbags are equivalent to 8-ply paper airbags in terms of capacity. They can be used for loads with weights ranging from 34 tons to 93 tons. Level 3-4 airbags are suitable for the transportation of brick, paper roll, and plywood products. The usage pressure of this dunnage bag is 8 PSI.

Level 5 Air Bags

These are airbags suitable for the transportation of heavy loads such as large paper rolls and metal coils. They are ideal for sea freight. Level 5 airbags are also frequently preferred in railway transportation.

They should be applied horizontally. The usage pressure of these dunnage bags is 10 PSI.

What Are the Advantages of Sea Freight?

Shipping operations made over the sea are called sea freight. Sea freight offers many advantages.

We can list these advantages as follows:

  • It saves time. The sea freight method is preferred when possible since it usually takes a long time to transport cargo to international destinations.
  • It is cost effective. High budgets are the case when it comes to international trade. Due to the higher capacity of sea freight vehicles, the transportation process takes place in a safe manner and short time. Therefore, it is more cost effective.
  • It is the most environmentally friendly type of transportation. It is one of the shipping methods that minimize pollution. This is one of the reasons why it is often preferred today. It is the method preferred by companies that want to adopt an environmentally friendly approach.

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