How Many Types of Dunnage Airbag Inflator Are There?

International Dunnage manufactures dunnage airbag inflator blowers for all needs and load safety. We always prioritise our quality by placing importance on your safety and happiness in shipping and transportation.

Our portable air bag inflators are as follows:

• Mini Jetflow air gun
• Monster air gun
• Air gun cylinder
• Pistol air gun
• Milton air gun (US)
• Cordless air gun
• Electric Inflator (US)

Mini Jetflow air gun

Mini Jetflow air gun is an inflator tool allowing the airbag inflation process to be handled in an easy and quick manner. It is also the most loved and preferred product. The reason for this is that it offers many advantages over other fast-inflating guns.
• Easily fits into narrow spaces. Has short length.
• Has the shape of a pistol.
• Employs an ergonomic trigger design and is user-friendly.
• Has a comfortable grip.
• Offers analog pressure gauge option.

Monster Air Gun

The monster air gun is practical due to the feature of use with a digital pen (digital or pen manometer). It is the fastest air gun.

  • This feature allows it to save time and increase productivity. Has a comfortable grip.
  •  Made of plastic that protects it against hard impacts.
  • Offers durability.
  • Digital and pen pressure gauge options are available.

Air Gun Cylinder

This is an airbag inflator suitable for use in harsh conditions. During the inflation by air gun cylinder, a pen pressure gauge can also be used along to measure the pressure inside the air bag.

Pistol Air Gun

The pistol air gun is the most economical among air guns. The aluminium body it has offers strength and durability.
Due to its Venturi attachment, it is suitable for use for faster airflows up to 4 psi.

Milton Air Gun (US)

Especially in bags for heavy loads, fast inflation is preferred. Milton Air Gun offers ease of use thanks to the ergonomic trigger design it employs. Digital and pen pressure gauge options are available. The air gun consists of durable aluminium and metal body.

Cordless Air Gun

The cordless air gun is a rechargeable, battery-powered, portable inflator with a special attachment especially for inflating combo valves.
This air gun is easy to install and practical to use. It has high-velocity airflow but the air pressure capacity remains below 1 psi.

Electric Inflator (US)

This one is an electric motor inflator with the inflation capacity closest to a compressor. The electric inflator is connected with a plug in 110V electric current and has a high flow air blowing capacity thanks to the nasal hose at the end. Mechanical on-off switch and combo valve adapter are available at the end of the hose.

What Are the Criteria for Selecting an Inflator?

Being used to ensure safety in cargo transportation, dunnage airbags can be used with the help of bag inflators.
We manufacture various air bags to meet the different airbag needs of different loads. Accordingly, each dunnage airbag requires different inflator tools. For this reason, an air bag inflator suitable for each load or capacity should be used. Certain dunnage airbags are more sensitive than others. They require less air inflation.

Please contact International Dunnage to find out the inflator suitable for your needs.

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