5 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cargo Airbags

Ensuring cargo securing is essential for the safe transportation of goods during the transportation process. The cargo securing allows goods to be transported without being damaged. Dunnage airbags are one of the materials essential for ensuring load securing. Air bags are not used in air transportation due to extreme pressure fluctuations.
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What is Cargo Air Bag?

Dunnage airbag is a plastic bag that can be filled with air and covered with woven polypropylene or Kraft paper. These airbags are placed between loads during transportation due to their elastic structure. This enables the cargoes to not damage each other in the event of shaking, crushing, and sudden braking during transportation.
These are essential products to ensure load securing. Cargo airbags can be used in many areas of the shipping industry.
• Covered wagons
• Sea container
• Ships
• Intermodal
• Trucks and so on. They are suitable for use in all kinds of transportation manners except air transportation.
Cargo air bags allow loads of different sizes and weights to balance each other. This enables the gaps between the cargoes to be filled. In the event of any vibration, the loads do not damage each other.

How to Use Cargo Airbags?

Inflator tools are available that are manufactured for dunnage airbags. These inflators allow air bags to be used according to the gap between the loads.
• First, the airbag must be properly placed between the loads. The airbag types are either suitable for horizontal or vertical use depending on the gap between cargoes.
• Following the placement of the cargo air bag, it must be inflated via an inflator. After the airbag is partially inflated, it can now be placed between loads. However, the general practice is to inflate the dunnage airbag after placing it in the gap in-between to perform inflation according to the gap that needs to be filled.
• The larger and wide the gap, the larger the dunnage air bag should be inflated accordingly. Heavy-level airbags have higher inflation and usage pressure. Please consult us regarding the inflation pressure suitable for the level.
• Thus, the movement of the cargo during transportation is prevented. This way, neither cargo nor people will be harmed.

What Should Be Done to Avoid Damage to the Cargo Air Bags?

Sometimes, sharp objects or rough surfaces may be the case. In the event of these, separator materials or corrugated cardboard should be used as support on the sides of the dunnage airbags.
Even when the recommended maximum size is exceeded, these materials can be used for support purposes.

Are Cargo Airbags Recyclable?

Dunnage air bags are completely recyclable and eco-friendly products. International Dunnage manufactures products that contribute to recycling through its eco-friendly products.

How to Determine the Size of Airbags?

First, the gap between the loads is measured. The distance between the ground and the cargo is measured. The length of the pallets and the width of the other support materials to be used during transportation are measured. After obtaining this information, the airbag size is selected following calculation. Please contact us for support in selecting the most suitable dunnage airbag size and level for your application.

International Dunnage manufactures suitable and quality cargo airbags for your needs.

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