Why We Have Chosen Polywoven Dunnage Airbags Over Kraft Paper?

For many years paper Dunnage Airbags was the dominant load securement product used for shipping via rail. Polywoven Dunnage Airbags were developed to enhance performance of dunnage bags to meet transportation and user requirements. At International Dunnage we started our business by manufacturing and selling Dunnage Airbags with the following objectives:

  • Manufacture a Dunnage Airbag that would deliver the strength and performance requirements necessary to meet the demands of current and future shipments by rail, truck, and ocean and at the same time meet performance standards as set by the Association of American Railroads.
  • Improve upon identified weaknesses and strengths of the paper Dunnage Airbags
  • Manufacture Dunnage Airbags in a controlled environment where most of the components of the product are manufactured and assembled under the same roof
  • Partner with industry and technology leaders in manufacturing who have the know how to produce a quality product

Based on these objectives, we have chosen to manufacture Polywoven Dunnage Airbags and have prioritized quality and focused on delivering the best Dunnage Airbags available in today’s market at competitive prices.  We have always offered the highest quality service, delivery and support which built our brand to be recognized for quality and value-added services and positioning ourselves to be supportive across all markets we serve.

Polywoven Dunnage Airbags are also more efficient, more cost-effective, more space-efficient, more durable and easier to recycle when compared to Paper Dunnage Airbags.

Below you can find the details of our findings which led us to specialize in Polywoven Dunnage Airbags in line with our main objective to offer the best and most cost-effective load protection solutions with a superior service for our customers around the globe:

1. More Pliable

They are easier to work with across a variety of applications

2. More Elastic

Greater elasticity allows for more surface contact with the product being secured.

3. More Efficient

Can fill larger voids than Paper Dunnage Airbags by using Twin and Square Bags

4. Stronger

They provide greater tear strength

5. More Economical

Not only they are more budget-friendly but they also save you storage and freight costs

6. More Space-Efficient

They are lighter with a single-ply construction allowing for a greater pack-out. They take up less space in the containers and in warehouse, allowing more bags per skid and, hence, less freight and storage cost for the customers

7. More Durable Against Environmental Changes

They are both weatherproof and also resistant to harsh chemical environments, making them best suited for dry, wet and damp conditions for medium to heavy weight railcar loads and ocean containers. (Outer layer of the paper bags would not hold up well in humid conditions

8. More Durable in Transition

Less susceptible to any rips and nicks during transit due to the extra lamination.

9. As Eco-Friendly as Paper Bags

Both bags are 100% recyclable

10. Easier to Recycle

Both the inner and outer layer of the Polywoven Dunnage Airbag can be recycled using the same recycling methods. With Paper Dunnage Airbags the plastic bladder inside the bag needs to be separated from the kraft liner layers and recycled using a plastic recycling method, while the outer paper layer or layers of the bags will have to be recycled using a paper recycling method.

If you would like to try our dunnage airbags, visit us at shop.internationaldunnage.com for our online shop or contact us at sales@internationaldunnage.net for your inquiries.

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