What Are the Types of Desiccant Bag?

Desiccant bags prevent the cargo from being adversely affected by moisture during transportation. This way, a high-quality and safe transportation process is ensured by preventing the damage and deterioration of the transported goods.

There are different types of desiccant bags used for containers and cargoes, depending on the load and distance.

ID Desiccant Bag Types

ID Silica Gel

  • ID Silica Gel is especially used in the storage on long-distance roads.
  • It is preferred due to its high protection feature in harsh export conditions.
  • Silica Gel is not affected by weather conditions. It employs high durability with its moisture capacity exceeding 35% and its dust-resistant nonwoven packaging.
  • This product is preferred for the transportation of very sensitive tools. ID Silica Gel is used for high protection, especially in the transportation of medical materials (drugs, etc.) and electronic goods.

ID Desiccant

  • ID Desiccant may be produced between half a kilo and 2 kilos as required by the cargoes. This bag has a moisture absorption capacity of up to a hundred percent of its weight.
  • It offers moisture balance during transportation if it is used in the right amount and at the appropriate weight. This way, it ensures that the products are not adversely affected by weather conditions.
  • ID Desiccant can transfer moisture to the outside at the right time without any rust.

ID Desiccant Plus

  • The special formulation developed with advanced technology allows it to have a moisture absorption capacity of three times its weight.
  • This desiccant bag is especially preferred for long journeys where weather conditions may vary.
  • It offers a protection period between 60 days and 80 days. This is one of the reasons why ID Desiccant Plus is preferred for long journeys.
  • It has a wide product range that can also be used for various applications.

What Is the Purpose of Desiccant Bags?

Materials that will offer protection during transportation are manufactured in order to ensure the cargo safety and not to damage the transported load. One of these materials is the desiccant bag.

Adverse weather conditions such as rain, storm, or snow may occur during transportation. These products are preferred to ensure that the loads are not affected by these conditions.

It is extremely important to keep the moisture level in balance as well as to ensure the load balance during transportation. Desiccant bags provide this moisture balance. They prevent the formation of moisture and do not allow particularly sensitive products to be damaged by moisture.

These bags prevent mold and odor formation along with moisture. They are ideal for containers and cargo. Desiccant bags can be used both for long-term and short-term transportation.


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