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konteyner hava yastığı fiyatları
Container dunnage bag prices vary according to the features and capacity of the product. They are used to stabilize and balance the cargo during transportation. As extremely effective products in protecting the transported goods, they can easily be used in any transportation vehicle with their endurance against tons of weight. Container dunnage bags protect your […]
Konteyner Hava Yastığı Nasıl Çalışır?
In order to answer the question of how a dunnage bag works, we first need to explain what a dunnage bag is. Container dunnage bags are inflatable airbags for the safety and stabilization of products transported by land, railroad and sea. The dunnage bag, which is an airtight polyethylene bag, prevents the cargo from damage […]
kauçuk mat
Rubber mat are among the most important tools to ensure your safety in transportation. They adapt to the sudden movements of the vehicle during transportation and generate a force equal to the actual weight of the cargo, preventing possible accidents. During continuous acceleration and braking, the lateral centrifugal force, combined with vibration, produces a force […]
Cargo loading is a vital process for the safety of the cargo and the driver. So, cargo safety must always be ensured during loading. And what should we consider when loading the cargoes? You can get detailed information in our article. Cargo safety must be ensured During transportation, precautions should be taken for the safety […]
The price of dunnage bag inflators varies depending on the type, size and features of the bags. You can contact International Dunnage for detailed information about the price of dunnage bag inflators. What are Dunnage Bags? Container dunnage bags are among the most effective materials in cargo safety. They prevent the cargo against damages during […]
Rubber mats are among the cargo safety products placed under cargoes (pallets) and between products to prevent vibration, slipping and damaging of products. Anti-slip rubber mats are a cost-effective way of ensuring cargo safety. So, they are used by many shipping companies and firms around the world. Properties of Rubber Mats The cargo can be […]
Safety in cargo transport and storage is vital both for the driver and for the safe arrival of the cargo. So, shipping companies use products that ensure cargo safety during transportation. International Dunnage offers high quality products to ensure safety in cargo transport and storage. Such as: Anti-slip rubber mat Desiccant bag Container dunnage bag […]
Yük Emniyetinde Hava Yastığının Önemi
Dunnage bags are greatly important in load securement. With load securement, your cargo can be transported securely and soundly in any weather and road condition. One of the most important products developed to achieve this is dunnage bags. What are Dunnage Bags? Dunnage bags are the most effective products to prevent damage against the cargo […]
Kargo Güvenliği İçin Kullanılan Malzemeler Nelerdir? başlıklı blog kapak görseli
Load Securement is the measures taken to ensure that the cargo in transportation is safe and sound. Various materials are used to ensure this safety. When the cargo is safe; Cargoes in any size or weight can be transported without any damage. The cargo is not affected by adverse weather conditions. Cargoes will not tip […]
What is a Container Dunnage Bag?
What is a container dunnage bag? What are different types of dunnage bags? You can find answers to such questions throughout the rest of our article. Container dunnage bags are one of the most effective ways to make cargo transportation safer. Dunnage bags are used in transportation vehicles such as containers and cargoes to secure […]
How to Use Container Dunnage Bag Tools?
Container dunnage bag inflator tools are used by pumping air into the dunnage bag to completely fill the space between the loads. The surface of the dunnage bag should be in as much contact with the load as possible and the load should be secured. The dunnage bag, placed in the space between the loads, […]
You can keep reading our article for what you should know about airbags and more details. Airbags are light, flexible, plastic inflatable cushions that stabilize the cargo during transportation. They serve to fill the space between the pallets, crates, or parcels in order to prevent the load from shifting. You can obtain high-quality airbags from […]

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