How Does a Container Dunnage Bag Work?

Konteyner Hava Yastığı Nasıl Çalışır?

In order to answer the question of how a dunnage bag works, we first need to explain what a dunnage bag is.

Container dunnage bags are inflatable airbags for the safety and stabilization of products transported by land, railroad and sea.

The dunnage bag, which is an airtight polyethylene bag, prevents the cargo from damage when inflated during transportation. Although it is truly lightweight, it acts as a strong barrier.

Dunnage bags are used in the transportation of products used in many industries. These bags, which prevent the products from slipping and falling, protect your cargo against damage. Thus, it saves the industries against extra costs.

They minimize transportation costs as much as possible as they are affordable and prevent the cargo from damage.

Like everything else, dunnage bags have their own working principles. They also have certain pressure values and cargo weights to prevent damage to the dunnage bag and the cargo transported.

Let’s take a look at the working principles of dunnage bags and how we can benefit from them.

How Does a Dunnage Bag Work in Preparing for Transportation?

As the first step of the question of how a dunnage bag works, we learned what a dunnage bag is and what it does.

Now let’s get into the practical side of it. To use the dunnage bag, you must prepare your transport vehicle before placing it.

First of all, you should determine which type of dunnage bag you will use according to the type and weight of your cargo.

We offer 5 types of dunnage bags from levels 0 to 5. You should choose one of these 5 types according to your cargo.

After selecting the right product, you can proceed to inflate your dunnage bag. This process is extremely easy. All you need to inflate your dunnage bag is the inflators. You can easily fill your product with air using inflators.

After placing your products to be transported, you can place the dunnage bags you have inflated into the gaps.

This way, you will ensure the safety of your cargo. After all these stages, your cargo is now ready for a long and safe journey.

So, what will happen during the journey? Is your cargo prepared for sudden braking, fast turns, or high waves?
Let us see together how your dunnage bag works during transportation.

How Does a Dunnage Bag Work During Transportation?

We come to another part of the question of how a dunnage bag works. We inflated our bags and placed them into our vehicle. Now we will look at how they protect our cargo.

Placed horizontally or vertically in the vehicle, dunnage bags ensure the safety of the cargo by acting as a barrier.

They are not just placed between products. They function as a partition when placed between the walls and the cargo.

Moving cargoes increase the risk of accidents. The dunnage bag prevents possible accident risks by keeping the cargo stable.

This product, which protects your goods against damage, greatly saves the money and time of manufacturers, sellers and distributors.

Acting as partitions during transportation, ensuring the safety of the transported cargo and people, and saving companies money and time, these products are of vital importance.

How many times can we use these dunnage bags that play such a crucial role in trade? How long can this product be used as the backbone of transportation activities, and in which situations can you not use it?

You must know the answers to these questions to have smooth transportation processes. Let’s look at the answers to these important questions together.

How Does a Reused Dunnage Bag Work?

We have come to the last stage of our question of how a dunnage bag works. With the dunnage bag, you made your journey safely and completed your transportation without any problems.

And then what? After completing your delivery and finishing with the dunnage bag, you can easily deflate and lower it with the spring valve system.

Then you can use the product again. However, you must meet certain conditions for this.

Although these conditions seem simple, they are extremely important.

The conditions for the reuse of the dunnage bag are as follows

  • The capacity of the dunnage bag must be able to support the weight of the cargo,
  • The dunnage bag must not be torn, punctured, or damaged in any way,
  • Applying excessive pressure on the dunnage bag should be avoided.

If you try to reuse a damaged dunnage bag, you could face dangerous consequences. You can cause the car to turn over by moving the transported goods, resulting in both loss of life and material damage.

In order to avoid all this, you must make sure that the dunnage bag you will use is solid.

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how a dunnage bag works, you can visit our website. International Dunnage is here to provide you with safe transportation.

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