Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

In International Dunnage, we practice corporate citizenship through positive social impact initiatives. We mainly focus on funding CSR in education and environmental issues. We give special emphasis on early child education and recycling projects.

As reflected in our company motto, we are continuously working on creating a safer world, both for today but also for the future. We believe a safer world for the future can only be secured by providing children higher access to education and by handing them over a “livable environment”.  We always try to make socially and environmentally conscious investments and create awareness on educational and environmental needs of our communities.

Our educational projects so far have included providing funding for those children who have no or little access to education, sponsoring books in early childhood development and donating educational equipment to preschools that are in need of funding.

We partner with non-profit organizations and foundations that share our common cause of educating tomorrow’s bright youngsters for whom we deeply care about.

We also both apply and promote recycling programs and train youngsters to create awareness on environmental issues.

Please visit our CSR projects and join us in the domain of educating children, supporting early childhood development and reducing our carbon footprint.

1.  For a Safer World Project

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