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There are millions of children in this world who do not have the chance to go to school, learn to read, socialize or be a part of the  community. It is very important to make it possible for children to access proper education. Some are forced to work from early ages on without  a proper education,  deprived of a rainbow-colored, pink-clouded world that every child deserves. There are many reasons why we should help children who do not have access to education. As part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Report, a joint study by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) found that over 260 million children and youths across the world, equivalent to the combined population of Russia, Poland and Germany, have no access to education. In fact, there are around 61 million kids in the World, between the ages of 6-11 years old, who aren’t receiving any education. For those children, something as simple and as fundamental as going to school is an experience they likely will never have.

Children who do not have access to decent education  are, over the years, excluded from society,  get swallowed up by communities involved in illegal work. An increasing number of individuals who become lonely and isolated from society are  posing a big problem for individuals as well as societies. Exclusion  from society can cause serious personal trauma and , can consequently cause the person to become emotionless, desensitized. Among people who are excluded from society, situations such as insecurity and timidity are common. It should not be anyone’s destiny to have  shattered lives because they did not have access to education in their childhood.

One of the most important rights of children is the right to scholar education. To be able to live in an equal society, all children need to have access to equal education. In addition to being a fundamental human right, the right to education is a prerequisite for the realization of other human rights. Ensuring the right to education allows individuals to enjoy other human rights and protect their rights.  The right to education may begin with the steps taken to school, but to ensure the right to education, all of the human rights must be ensured in the learning environment.

In sum, for our children to have a bright future, they need to have a good childhood with a proper education. Which is why it is extremely important to help misfortunate children to reach their potential, to give them the proper education they need and help them learn.

In our latest social responsibility project, “Working for a Safer World Exhibition”, we have partnered with Tuvana Foundation for the Education of Motivated Children (TOCEV), which provides lifelong education facilities to the children in need. We have worked with an amazing art coordinator, Ms Emel Nigdeli, who coordinated children between the ages of 5 to 10 years old to paint their favorite characters on our dunnage air bags. We then created a virtual exhibition in one of the most beautiful historical sites of Istanbul, Binbirdirek Cistern, to display the beautiful artwork of our children.  The proceeds of our Exhibition is transferred to TOCEV foundation to support children in meeting their educational needs. We are most grateful to all the children, families, friends and clients who contributed to this project. We believe there is no limit to the good corporate social responsibility can do and no project is small if it can change the life of even one soul going forward. Please enjoy our virtual exhibition video. If you would like to buy any of the artwork of the children, please reach us at US HQ: +1 (912) 355 88 84 | European HQ: +90 (216) 593 46 00 .

Working for a Safer World

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Working for a Safer World

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