Go Green Office!


In our attempt to Go Green, here are the initial steps we are taking in our Offices worldwide to reduce our carbon footprint:

1.    We are going paperless – We are switching fully to digital filing.

2.    We have installed recycling centers in our offices.

3.    We have installed smart power strips at workstations.

4.    We are also using smart plugs, making sure that we are turning off electronics and lighting every evening.

5.    We are switching to energy saving devices – Replacing lighting fixtures with LEDs etc.

6.    We have taken measures to maximize natural light.

7.    We have put at least one large live plant in each room and also plants in every desk.

8.    We use bamboo charcoal air purifying bags in every room.

9.    We are setting thermostat levels to optimal levels for saving energy.

10.   We are using hand driers instead of paper towels.

11.   We have replaced old toilets with new ultra-low-flush models.

12.   We have posted signs to remind everyone to be mindful about our Green Project. We put tips and instructions in the office for energy and water saving.

13.   We are turning off taps completely after each use.

14.   We try to use eco-friendly office supplies – pilot pens from recycled plastic bottles, recycled paper etc.

15.   We have reduced our computer monitor’s brightness from 100% to 70%. (They say this way we can save up to 20% of the monitor’s energy!)

16.   We have removed the screensavers in our computers and changed computer setting to hibernate when not using machines.

17.   We are opting for reusable, recycled or sustainably sourced alternatives.

18.   Limit use of disposables. (Everyone has their own mugs etc)

19.   We use reusable K-cups as coffee filters.

20.   We don’t use disposable dishware or cups.

21.   We use multifunction printers rather than buying separate machines for different functions.

22.   We use our printer’s eco mode – When we have to print, we print both sides whenever possible.

23.   We use compostable trash bags in our kitchen.

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