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Dunnage Bags

ID Dunnage bags are the most efficient way to protect your goods from being damaged during transportation, say Woocasino experts. They have an outstanding load stabilizing capacity and resistance to load shifting. ID dunnage bags can withstand tons of pressure. The durability of  ID dunnage bags lies in their well-designed structure. We serve the world with 5 different levels, 30 different sizes, 140+ different airbags.

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ID Dunnage Bag Types


ID Dunnage Bags are composed of an air-tight polyethylene inner layer with a reusable valve and a polywoven outer layer. They are made to fill voids up to 12” (30cm) wide. ID dunnage bags come in 5 different levels: Bison, L1, L2, L3-4, and L5 with a wide range of dimensions.

Bison Level 0

Bison Level 0 Dunnage Bags are designed for light duty mainly used in truck shipments.

  • They are more economical compared to Level 1 bags

  • Bison Bags are the equivalent of a 2 ply paper bag.

  • Transportation Method: Truck – Vertical or Horizontal Voids

  • Max. Operating pressure: 2-3 PSI

Level 1 Dunnage Bags

Level 1 Dunnage Bags are AAR verified and most preferred types of our bags.

  • Paper Equivalent: 2 ply paper bags

  • Transportation Method: Truck/Container – Vertical or Horizontal Voids

  • Max. Operating pressure: 2-3 PSI

Level 2 Dunnage Bags

Level 2 Dunnage Bags can be used in all shipping containers – either piggyback (container or trailer on the Railroad) or for ocean transport.

  • Paper Equivalent: 4 ply paper bags

  • Transportation Method: Truck/Container/Ocean – Vertical or Horizontal

  • Max. Operating pressure: 6 PSI

  • In rail cars they can be used for filling lengthwise voids in loads up to 75,000 lbs (34.000 kg)

Level 3-4 Dunnage Bags

Level 3-4 bags are mainly used in rail cars with load weights from 75.000 LBS (34.000 kg) to 205.000 LBS (93.000 kg). They are used for almost all the products, including paper rolls, plywood and bricks.

  • Paper Equivalent: 8 ply paper bags

  • Max. Operating pressure: 8 PSI

Level 5 Dunnage Bags

Level 5 Dunnage Bags are used for especially heavy paper rolls and metal coils shipped in rail cars with load weights exceeding 205,000 LBS (93.000 kg) or ship hulls. paper rolls, plywood and bricks.

Level 5 has no paper equivalent as paper bags are not capable of meeting the strength requirements of the AAR.

  • Transportation Method: Rail/Ocean – Vertical or Horizontal

  • Max. Operating pressure: 10 PSI

Square Bags

Square bags were designed and created to serve as the primary function of bracing products with a void space greater than 12 inches (30 cm) wide which cannot be filled with other ID Dunnage Bags. They are reusable and AAR verified. However they cannot be used for heavy duty applications.

  • Square bags are three dimensional.

  • They come in several different standard sizes.

  • They are ideal for filling up voids which are between 16-33 inches (40-85 cm) wide.

Twin Bags

Twin bags are designed to fill up large voids, between 15 – 39 inches (40-100 cm) wide. They are made by joining 2 separate dunnage bags together and have 2 inflation valves which are inflated simultaneously by a V-shape air hose.

Bladder Bag

Polyethylene Bladder bags are a cost friendly way to secure your lightweight cargos during the shipment process. Once inflated, they take the shape of a pillow like the PP dunnage bags. While they are used for the same purpose as the PP dunnage, bladder bags are used for more delicate loads of less weight and smoother surfaces.

Customized Dunnage Bags

If you are in need of special dunnage bags for your freight, please contact our sales team for further details. We can customize our dunnage bags according to the features you need, including different sizes, shapes, and weights.

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