Use Of Anti-slip Rubber Mat For Maximum Load Safety

Anti-slip rubber mat is one of the most important materials which provides load safety. It ensures that loads are not damaged against movements like acceleration, shaking, braking during transportation.

International Dunnage produces high-quality anti-slip robber mat which takes up the load safety to maximum level.


What Are The Features of ID Rubber Mats?

The load may shake throughout the road, falling risk may be seen during the transportation. Rubber mat is produced in order the loads not to slide and be affected by brake and shake of other loads.

International Dunnage produces high-quality and anti-slip robber mat to keep load safety at maximum level. Thus loads can be carried safely whatever their weight and without being affected by road and weather conditions.

International Dunnage manufactures a variety of rubber mats with different properties and sizes, suitable for different needs.

How Much Are Anti-slip Rubber Mats?

During transportation, the weight, size and length of each cargo vary. For this reason various robber mats are produced in accordance with different needs. So prices of Anti-slip robber mats differ depending on the features and needs.

What Is Load Safety?

Load safety ensures that the material to be transported is handled safely and perfectly and that the transport is carried out safely.

Thanks to load safety, not only the load, but also people and the environment are safe. Possible accidents are prevented.

Unsecured products may be affected by weather or road conditions. Both the loads themselves are damaged and they can damage other loads and other vehicles. Unexpected accidents may occur. For this reason, the most important condition that determines the health of transportation is load safety.

As the load capacity increases, more precautions must be taken. The weight of the load should not adversely affect the driving safety of the vehicle. Which vehicle to use, which way to go, what kind of protection method to follow should be determined according to the load. In this way, transportation can be carried out completely within the safety limits.

Things to Consider in Load Safety

One of the most important aspects to be considered in load safety is to load according to the capacity. For this, a vehicle suitable for the load should be determined.

A “balanced stack” must be provided during the transportation of goods. If a balanced stack is not provided, the loads may slip, overturn and cause major accidents. For this reason, loads should be positioned in a balanced way in the vehicle.

During freight transportation, attention should be paid to “load lifting rules”. It should be ensured that the transport is carried out in accordance with the relevant procedures.

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