Rubber mats are among the cargo safety products placed under cargoes (pallets) and between products to prevent vibration, slipping and damaging of products.

Anti-slip rubber mats are a cost-effective way of ensuring cargo safety. So, they are used by many shipping companies and firms around the world.

Properties of Rubber Mats

The cargo can be shaken by sudden braking or acceleration during transportation. This presents a risk for other cargoes and for the safety of the driver. Anti-slip rubber mats eliminate the risk of shaking and prevent cargoes from slipping during transportation, thus protecting against severe damage for a much a better cargo safety.

International Dunnage offers anti-slip rubber mats in varied sizes and properties to provide maximum benefit at minimum cost in cargo safety.

Things to Consider in Cargo Safety

Cargo safety refers to the measures taken to ensure that the cargo transported arrives safely and securely to its destination. Sometimes the safety of the cargo may be at risk due to several factors such as bad road and weather conditions. So, it is necessary to protect both the cargo and the person driving the vehicle against risky situations such as sudden braking, storms, and harsh weather conditions.
Load and cargo safety is critical not only for the cargo but for the environment and other drivers as well. When the cargo is made safe;

1. It can be transported without damage regardless of the size, type, and weight.
2. It will not be affected by adverse weather conditions or humidity.
3. It will not be tipped over by conditions such as shock, sudden braking, and road bends.
4. Cargoes stacked on top of or against each other will not be damaged.
5. The risk of accidents that may occur due to cargoes slipping is eliminated.

So anti-slip rubber mats are significant in ensuring the safety of your cargoes. However, anti-slip rubber mats will not be sufficient on their own for cargo safety. We must have all the necessary safety materials in place to ensure full cargo safety.

Other products for cargo safety:

  • Composite strap
  • Container dunnage bag
  • Desiccant bag

International Dunnage, the leading company for cargo safety all over the world, offers products that provide maximum cargo safety at affordable costs with quality services.

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