ID Supplementary Products


During transportation, safety should always be a priority; first in order to eliminate the various risks that might seriously harm the personnel and other people involved, then, to protect the goods and eliminate the risk of considerable financial damage. Supplementary Products are used to provide maximum safety during transportation, both for the personnel involved, and the products being shipped against various risks. Browse our catalogue to learn more about them, the way they work, where and how they can be used to find the best solutions for your operations.


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ID Desiccant Bag

ID Desiccant Bag is a specially modified product for the protection of containers over a long period of time during voyage against the adverse effects of humidity. It is produced from a special mixture of polymers and Calcium Chloride, for usage over long periods of time.


Calcium Chloride absorbs the water vapor in the air rapidly and continuously, and transfers the liquid to the Polymers. The water is absorbed by the polymers, which swell and keep the water within, protecting your material during transfer.

ID Rubber Mat

Placing ID Anti-Slip Rubber Mats underneath the loads considerably reduces the cost of loading safety. They are still used as the standard friction-increasing surface material by many transport companies and shipping agents today.


Continuous acceleration and braking during transportation combined with lateral centrifugal force and/or vibration generates almost as much force as the actual weight of the load. As a result, the load can slip and cause severe damage to the property, or even worse, possible accidents with casualties.


The load can break through the front wall of a truck and cause critical injury to the driver. During unloading, load can fall off the vehicle and cause a significant hazard to others. Use of anti-slip rubber mats will eliminate these potential hazards, and provide labor safety, while protecting the company from financial damage.

ID Composite Strap

Traditional straps made of textile do not endure the rough environmental and mechanical requirements of transporting heavy loads and pallets. ID Strap Polyester Corded Composite Strapping is manufactured from co-extruded high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in polymer coating. Due to its superior properties, composite strapping is mostly preferred for heavy loads and loads carried under difficult conditions.


ID Strap composite strapping is a stiff but flexible product that can be easily used on various packaging applications. It is highly resistant to severe weather conditions (especially hot climates) and unlike PET and Steel strapping, it does not break instantly from a single point during impact.


ID Strap composite strapping should be used with galvanized wire buckles to ensure higher system breaking strength, and to prevent getting loose during transportation. ID Strap composite strapping can also be re-tensioned, and it comes in a wide range of widths and breaking strengths. Strappings in color and special printing are also available.


The polyester threads are covered with a plastic layer, which eliminates the possibility of sharp edges, providing better edge protection for your cargo.