ID Supplementary Products

ID Desiccant Bag

ID Desiccant Bag is a specially modified product for the protection of containers over a long period of time during voyage against the bad effects humidity.


ID Desiccant Bag is produced from a special mixture of polymers and Calcium Chloride in order to be used for a long period of time. Calcium Chloride absorbs rapidly and continuously the water vapor in the air and transfer the liquid to the Polymers therefore the water is adsorbed finally by the polymers and the polymers swells and keeps the water in its structure. This is a continuous process and this process keeps your material protected.

ID Rubber Mat

ID Anti-Slip Rubber Mat is an important component of loading safety. Simply placing the slip-preventing mats underneath loads considerably reduces the cost of loading safety.


Offering good value for money, the anti-slip rubber mats are suitable for most common means of transport. They have proven their worth for many years and are used as the standard friction-increasing surface material by many transport companies and shipping agents today. Continuous acceleration and braking while goods are being transported, combined with lateral centrifugal force and/or vibration, generate forces approaching the actual weight of the load.


As a result, the load can slip and cause severe damage to the property, and possibly accidents with casualties. For instance, the load can break through the front wall of a truck and cause severe injury to the driver. Dangers are also exist when unloading loads which have slipped during transport. Often the slipping loads also fall off the vehicle and cause a significant hazard to other road users. Incorrect load securing much often also damages the goods themselves. Use of anti-slip rubber mats will eliminate all of these potential hazards and consequent material and financial damages.

ID Composite Strap

ID Strap is another prominent component of load securing. Traditional straps made of textile do not endure the rough environmental and mechanical requirements of transporting heavy loads and pallets. Textile and Composite Straps differ according to their breaking strength and area of use. ID Strap Polyester Corded Composite Strapping is manufactured from co-extruded high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer coating. It is called polyester corded composite strapping due its composite structure. Due to its superior properties, composite strapping is preferred for heavy loads and loads carried under difficult conditions.


ID Strap composite strapping is a stiff but flexible product that can be easily used on various packaging applications. They are highly resistant to severe weather conditions (especially hot climates) and unlike PET and Steel strapping they do not break instantly from a single point against impacts whereas due to its low elasticity, Steel strapping can easily break from a single point against impacts during transportation. Between two products with the same breaking strength, ID Strap composite strapping impact resistance is 7 times higher compared to steel strapping.


ID Strap composite strapping should be used with galvanized wire buckles to ensure higher system breaking strength than textile strapping, woven strapping, PET or PP strapping and this way it does not get loose during transportation. It allows your cargo to reach its destination without incurring any damages. The most important factor affecting the system breaking strength is the joint. ID Strap composite strapping joint strength is around 75-90 %. ID Strap composite strapping can be re-tensioned if necessary. Especially for goods packed in rows on the pallet the strap will not get loose due to its high elasticity. ID Strap composite strapping comes in a wide range of dimensions. Depending on the type of application and the weight of the pallet, they come in different widths (from 13mm up to 40mm) and in various breaking strengths (from 250 kgf up to 2600 kgf.). Strapping in color, with special printing e.g. company’s logo / website / or any requested text are also available upon request.


In composite strapping, the polyester threads are covered with a plastic layer, which eliminates the possibility of sharp edges, providing better edge protection hence not damaging your cargo. Other important features are their high strength and high retained tension, shock absorbance, high elasticity and flexibility, resistance to severe weather conditions, chemicals and UV, light-weight, rust- and corrosion-proof, safe, fast and easy usage.