Composite Strapping Suppliers Guide

International Dunnage has achieved to become the leading company among composite strapping suppliers with its quality.

ID ensures load safety thanks to its composite hoops, which it manufactures with practical use and high durability.

What is a Composite Strapping?

The apparatus that allows the loads to be connected, fixed and held together is called a composite strapping. It is often preferred in freight transportation. It is produced from plastic raw materials and has many features that ensure the qualified transportation of cargo.

ID Composite Strapping Specifications

ID Composite strapping, which are preferred due to their high quality, have a unique ability to stretch. Due to the fact that they can take the same form after stretching, it ensures that the loads can be freed from the jarring blows unharmed.

It is a lightweight material that is easy to carry. Despite this, it has an extremely strong and durable structure. It is a product that should be preferred in order to protect both loads of different shapes and very heavy cargos.

It prevents damage, shaking, possible injuries of loads. Therefore, it should be used to ensure load safety.

In general, the ID Composite strapping properties can be listed as follows:

  • Easy to use and practical.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • It has high durability, suitable for heavy loads.
  • It is safe both for loads and for users.
  • It is manufactured for all weather conditions.
  • It is resistant to abrasion.
  • It has a polypropylene coating.
  • They are high-strength polyester yarns that are co-extruded.
  • It has a high resistance to rupture.

Advantages of Using a Composite Strapping

It easily meets the packaging needs that are often needed today. Due to its ease of use, it does not bother during cargo transportation preparations.

It is one of the most important products ensuring load safety. Thus, it allows cargoes to reach easily in all types of transportation, regardless of air, sea or road. Although it is a very heavy load, it does not cause any victimization due to its high durability.

Due to its flexible structure, it instantly regains its shape after being bent and twisted. This prevents the loads from falling, and from hitting each other.

How to Use a Composite Strapping?

First, the loads to be strapped are placed properly. Then the composite strapping is passed through the top and bottom of the loads. Then, both tips of the composite strip, which is inserted into the curl buckle, are folded on the contrary. Finally, it is well wound and cut with the help of a knife in the manual hoop machine. Thus, the packaging process of the product is completed.

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